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Retrieving files from endpoints

  • Hello,

    I am looking for a way to retrieve files from an endpoint. We have two scripts (MacOS and Windows) that generate a txt or csv file of the user's file directory. Both scripts drop the files into a path on the endpoint. My question is, does anyone know if Kaseya has a feature to retrieve the file? I know liveconnect is an option but was hoping for a solution for both OS. We also want to have security in mind when looking for an approach. Thank you in advance for any responses.

  • Yes, you can use the Get-File command within a procedure to pull it back to the VSA.

    See help.kaseya.com/.../9050000

  • @dvalentine thank you for the reply. I will check it out. Would you know if the option works for Macs?

  • Sorry I do not know, we only manage Windows with Kaseya VSA in our environment.

  • understood thank you for your help @dvalentine.