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Mobile Phone App Fusion Issue

  • We were able to use the Fusion App just fine until a recent update.  The issue is our logon name to the VSA.  We do not use our email address as our Logon, we user another naming convention since we started using KAseya 6.3 and has worked fine logging into the VSA Web Interface and still works frin for us.

    It appears a recent update to the APP wants us to use the email address format for the logon name.  When we change the user name to our standard, The fusion App no longer logs us on.

    Whatever changes were made to the logon filed needs to be reverted back or changed to reflect users that do not use their email address as their logon name and or allow spaces in the logon name.

    At this time, Fusion does not work for us anymore.

  • Have you created a support ticket on this?  I am currently on version 1.8.2 and do not utilize email for my VSA logins.