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SolarWinds - Kaseya Response/Review

  • Was wondering if Kaseya is doing anything to review their current code given what has happened to SolarWinds. Also, if they've reached out to SolarWinds customers to help them migrate away from it. 

    Another vulnerability was just disclosed for N-Central. https://www.cisecurity.org/advisory/multiple-vulnerabilities-in-solarwinds-n-central-could-allow-for-remote-code-execution_2020-170/

    I've gotten wind of ConnectWise communicating with N-Central/SolarWinds users as well as other RMMs basically saying, we are reviewing at our code and basically helping their customers track down or identify possible infections, but I've seen nothing so far from Kaseya to: 

    A) Looking at our code to make sure we are ok or 

    B) We looked at our code, we are ok, here's how you can scan your network/endpoints for the vulnerability or 

    C) We are helping the IT community by offering x discount or help to those affected switch to a new platform... 

    Am I missing something, a newsletter, blog post, etc with any of this info ? 

  • Hello,

    After some customers had asked for help identifying possible issues with Solarwinds our Automation team created an agent procedure to check an environment.


    Hopefully this may help you.