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Can't login to our VSA now!

  • For whatever reason, our VSA (cloud/SaaS based) will not let me login. What's happening is that I logged in with my same username and password I've been using for some time now and it's acting as if those credentials are wrong. Ok, fine, I'll go ahead and reset that password then. You think that would work, right?  Well nope, it didn't.
    The worst thing about all this is that it's not just affecting me, it's preventing ALL of us in my IT department from being able to login.
    I've opened a ticket with Kaseya about this already, but luck be had, my current technician was already on another call still. Kaseya is our go-to tool for things like monitoring all of our computers, protecting them with antivirus, and also providing remote assistance to users, so to say that this is a huge detriment to us right now is quite the understatement.
    What gives?
  • Are you using 2FA?

    If you do you have to check the time on your VSA server.

    2FA is timebased and if your server is out of sync this will disrupt logons.

  • Also in regards to 2FA time sync, I have seen a carrier have issues so all phone times were off enough to "break" 2FA.  As we supply IT with mobile phones and are all on the same carrier, it did affect all of us.

  • We are experiencing this also but onPrim. I havent submitted a ticket yet.

  • Did you talk to support?

    This is big drawback when one use SAAS version. We use on prem and did not experience it. we are on

  • Ok, we figured it out actually.  Turns out, it was something with our account as it was up for renewal on the 25th, but somehow the renewal didn't go through at first, so, therefore, they had no choice but to lock us out.  It has now since been fixed.