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VSA Cloud Version Rolled Back?

  • After four days of being on the newest version of VSA, our cloud version was rolled back to the previous version without any notification at all. This seems pretty drastic to me. Has anyone heard why this has been done?

  • What version are your agents on?

    There is also an option to toggle the UI Interface from new and classic:


  • Hi Oscar,

    The majority of our agents have been upgraded to version

    Oddly, this situation resolved itself about 30 minutes after it started. All of the techs in our office were having problems with slowness and blank screens in VSA. This continued for about 15 minutes. Then, when we refreshed our browsers, we were all presented with the classic interface. About 30 minutes later, the new interface was restored. The whole thing was very strange but no longer appears to be a problem.

    Thanks for checking!