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Does Kaseya Software Managment Peer to Peer Technology really works?

  • Hi,

    I'm writing this to ask help/advice regarding software management. I'm just curious if the peer to peer technology of software management really works. I'm testing it with our internal test environment. Upon checking the Network Monitoring, peer to peer connection works but as per checking the SM log, it says that the patch was being pulled from the Kaseya Server. Any insight about this? Thank you in advance!

  • In our experience so far ... every patch has been pulled from the VSA, which then in turn severely limits the bandwidth from the VSA Server anytime there is more than 75 or so endpoints being managed and actively having patches deployed.

    So far, Kaseya's resolution for this is to have several policies that deploy patches at different times so that there is not so many endpoints being updated at the same time ... Once you get past 50 to 75 endpoints being managed however, it becomes painful to setup and deploy and manage/monitor that many different policies ... It was much easier in the old patch management to just say have the endpoint download from the internet directly and do this every Wednesday at 1:00 am ....

  • Without wanting to sound negative, Software Management is a shambles. A reasonable idea of long ago, that has been left to be ignored by almost everyone who tried to use it. It's freakishly ineffective and since we have some 5000 machines to manage unusable. Peer to Peer is a disaster and over the last two years the product hasn't matured. But, that's the positive side of things.

    This is the positive side........................................  The product name covers what it was intended to do.....