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"New Post" button only gives a drop down list to letter G

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In both Chrome and Firefox (newly-installed, previously unused installation of the latter), the New Post button presents a nice little list of topics alphabetically but then stops at the letter G. I am sure there are more choices (such as "Patch Management"), but I cannot see any of them.

Anyone else with this issue?


- Zander

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  • More: never-before-used MS Edge, same issue.

  • Zander, can I ask what version of VSA you have installed?

  • 9.5.

  • Thanks, what patch level? SAAS or on-premises?
  • SaaS.

    I see I have not made myself clear here: *In the Kaseya Community forums web page, right here*, when you go to click New Post, the resulting list only extends to the letter G.

  • I agree with you that it's a bug... However as a work around if you navigate into the actual forum where you want to post, and then click the New Post button it does start a post in the forum that you are currently in.

  • - sure, that works. And it's a great example of working with Kaseya. You have to know how to do a certain action, since quite a few should work in one of several ways. That's the theory, in the everyday world you need to do only this, remember that  and...

    It's the main reason why new user in our company look all surprised when you tell them how Kaseya works. They are amazed at precisely the square objects you need to push through round holes. That's the way one recently described how working with Kaseya feels to them.

  • Not going to disagree with you, but the fact of the matter is that we've not found anything else that works any better at this point, to accomplish what we need.

  • All-- appreciate the feedback. To be clear: this issue is not related to the VSA or actual shipping bits of our products. We are talking about an issue with the system we use to provide community experience. As is the case with most companies, we leverage 3rd party infrastructure for community forums. Your feedback is noted, and I'll follow up with the team responsible so they are sure to log a bug with our vendor so they test this website scripting functionality.