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Adding non-network assets

  • For years and years Kaseya has been selling it's asset management as 'wizz bang, awesome'

    For the most part we've never realyl leveraged it less audit data.

    However, we thought we better get using this thing as a customer is keen to really improve their asset management and what batter way than using Kaseya.

    So we have connected devices covered, we can add a custom field for asset tags, now we need to track a monitor or other non-connected device........

    Umm....... what, where do we add assets manually??

    A call to support, you can't, what really all this effort in marketing and sales but you simply cannot add a device by hand to assign to a user and tag???

    50% of all IT devices for many of our sites are not connected.

    Perhaps the collective knows something that Kaseya does not, do any of you know how?


    You can add an asset via agent > create templates.

    From there you can utilize our audit module to enter data relevant and important to add for your asset.  Here is a screenshot below: