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Where is the latest Patch?

  • It's been a month since the last patch update for 9.5 and almost 3 months for 9.4

    Surely there are plenty of issues waiting to be fixed, when is the next patch update coming.


  • We are on the final phases of validation and QA for our next patch.  

  • So it's now over another month since the last patch, is this going to be the pattern now.

    What happened to the two patches a month?

  • The two week patch cycle was a promise committed to back when Yogesh was CEO. That policy is dead as far as I know.

    As I understand it, there is no specific patch cadence now, patches will come out if and when they are ready.

    I for one take this as a bad sign - lack of patches says to me, a lack of development. As usual the communication from Kaseya is less than ideal on the matter.

    I'm told 9.6 will be due for release or at least beta some time around October...I can only hope all the work is going into 9.6, and this is why there are fewer patches for existing versions.

  • Well, it's a bit different and has been for a few weeks, or maybe even since Connect.

    As of now a monthly patch schedule is the goal and that has been communicated somewhere, I did read about this. The 20th is the targeted date for the fix. However the July patch ran into issues on testing and they haven't been fixed yet. There is a Patching topic and it would be expected for Kaseya to put some info there.

    I should know when the next patch is due in a few hours.

    As far as 9.6 goes my guess is as good as yours. Jim Schenck told me a few months back the beta program would start at the end of June, but I've got no recent info on this.

  • OK so clearly my clock shows Tuesday, 21 August, 2018, GMT+9.5. No patch.

    Hopefully when America wakes up, we will have something to hand shortly.....

  • - Sorry, I forgot to update this. The patch is will not be released yet and last Thursday it was still unknown what was going to happen. At that time I protested it was causing some trust issues in this Community forum and it was distinctly unwise to forget communicating what was going on.

    I heard an email being sent out to 3 people in high places in Miami with a serious request to post an update on the forum, detailing what was going on. I can say briefly the patch is about TLS 1.2 support and the past 5 weeks have been spent trying to fix issues and all other fixes are now waiting for that patch to come out. And that's unfortunate, since there are patches ready and tested and they could be released, but Kaseya made the decision to focus all work on fixing this.

    Dear Kaseya, please make a proper announcement about this and explain why the last patch is now 8 weeks ago and tell us what the plan is here..... This is not right...

  • I have a meeting scheduled with Kaseya higher ups, or so I have been told, this morning at 11am.  We are constantly battling an issue where only one Kaseya admin can be consoled into a server at a time.  This has been an issue since we moved to 9.5 and almost 9 months later remains unresolved.

    The lack of progress and the lack of fixes to the product is disgusting.

  • MCS-Tech -  We also have the same issue. And they told us they weren't going to fix it because "not enough people have the issue"   Our problem also started when we upgraded to 9.5

    I actually noticed yesterday while I was looking at the event log in a server and a 2nd tech tried to connect, a bunch of event log errors relating to remote control crashing. I am going to re-open a ticket and send those in and hopefully that will help them a little.... maybe...

  • Thanks oudjezeric. I appreciate.the update. Sounds like the next one will be a monster patch. I'm glad they're taking the time to make it right, but don't agree that the whole patch train should be held up by one issue.

    Surely they Can just release the ready patches first and separately?

    Once again Kaseya fails to communicate.

  • So, patch is here, but it doesn't bring the expected fixes.

    There's no word about TLS 1.2 and I'm not sure what that means And changes that were supposed to be in this patch, like working Audits from Policy Management, are also not in the Release Notes..... So, still enough questions what is going on.

  • where did you find the release notes?

  • Hi

    Patch release notes can be found here.

  • All I know is that after patching this morning, I can barely even get logged into the VSA.  Hovering over an agent (usually pulls up the quick view so I can click on Live Connect) takes forever.  I haven't even been able to Live Connect to a single agent since I did the upgrade at 6am this morning.  I only have 499 agents.   What a productivity killer...

  • jksanford,

    It sounds like the server is burdened by something, possibly your agents are updating and the circuit your VSA is on is tapping out ? Typically the VSA can be slow after a patch which is why you have a maintenance window.

    Typically on our VSA we suspend all alarms, patch, the patching process on our VSA takes usually around 3-5 hours, then 5 hours past that we let it sit and catch up because all of the procedures are behind from their normal schedules. Typical update for us is 7-10 hours of let the VSA do its thing to get back into normal working conditions, this includes getting all of the agents updated in this time frame

    The amount of stress the VSA will experience after a patch is really dependent on how much you do with it.

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