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Developing Kaseya BMS Rest API C# Library

  • Hello Everybody,

    I am writing a C# library for Kaseya API Integration and was wondering what features the Comunity would find useful.  The project is still in its early development and I eventually want to integrate it with VSA as well but I'm focusing on getting the BMS portion done right now.

    Once the project is further along and will be helpful for general use I will post it up on GitHub.

  • James,

    Have you done anything with the VSA APIs? I have about 80% of them in use, but some seem rotten.

    I try to update the user data - works for everything except password. It changes the password, but not to what I set, so clearly there's a format challenge. The documentation isn't clear, and nobody at Kaseya seems to be able to provide an answer. (?)

    I just started using the APIs to get staff email. Verified that the email is defined (can't create or edit without one!). The API returns "null" for every staff member's email. I defined the Phone, Email, and TextMessage fields as "Phone", "email@mail.mail", and "text", When I run the API query, it returns "Text" in all 3 fields, and I've confirmed this in our Prod, Dev, and SAAS environments.

    There are a couple of other issues, like a simple query (Get) that reports "GET Unsupported", plus a situation where the web and PDF docs don't match and others where both are identical but wrong.

    Just wondering how you're making out, because BMS is my next target.