In a round up of recently conducted surveys, this article ( points out that many organizations fear security flaws in many of the IoT devices they are or will be utilized in the near future.

"Among the top-level findings in the study is that organizations have a high degree of concern about IoT risks. 97 percent of respondents indicated that the likelihood of a security incident related to unsecured IoT devices could be catastrophic for their organization."

"Also of note, 81 percent reported that they expect a data breach to be caused by an unsecured IoT device in the next 24 months. Ransomware related to IoT device insecurity is another key concern, with 60 percent of organizations worried that the IoT ecosystem is vulnerable to ransomware attacks."

Outside of the normal preventative measures being taken and services being offered, is there anything new that your organization is planning on introducing to curb this fear and give peace of mind to your clients? Let's hear your thoughts.