I'm working on a company wide deployment of OneDrive and part of the process is moving everyone's data from D:\Data\][user]\ to D:\Data\[User]\OneDrive\.  Fortunately we have a .exe that was written by our prior tech group that handles this.  What I need to have this do is run for each user on login once.  Creating an event log in Windows for a login event and having Kaseya monitor that is pretty ugly.  Over on the Kaseya sub-reddit someone suggested using the Active Setup in Windows to do what I want.  The issue is I need the login to hit desktop before it runs or it hangs the exe and fails to complete.

I have Kaseya set to copy the exe that needs to run to a Temp folder, then write the registry key for Active Setup.  Does anyone have a suggestion for delaying the exe from running until login completes?  I need this to work with no user interaction and with a hands off approach since it'll be for 800+ users across 700+ machines across different time zones.