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How to Silent Uninstall Google Drive

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I need to uninstall Google Drive and install Google File Stream to all of our users.  The install Google File Stream part is easy.  I don't see an option to do a silent uninstall of Google Drive.  Does anyone have a tip for that?  Thanks!

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  • @John Jobe

    You can navigate to the Audit module > Add/Remove and the uninstall string you can script in agent procedures is a get place to start.

  • John Jobe,

    This is a difficult task. We are working on the same thing. One problem is the user must close google drive/sign out before uninstall will complete.

  • JamesB - taskkill /f /im googledrivesync.exe

  • Too add to @S Mason inquiry; there is also a step in agent procedures to kill processes as well.

  • If you have access to ninitepro

    executeshellcommand as system or user, probably system but maybe user-

    ninitepro.exe /select "Google Drive" /uninstall /silent C:\whereveryouwantthelog\log.txt

    Then if you wanted you could consume the log and email yourself the results in a send email.  Probably need the task kill like Smason mentioned above too.

    Or you could do the uninstall string but that would take some trial and error, I would suggest doing a report to pull all the strings so that once you find the correct command you can put all the iterations in.

  • Does it appear when you run this command:

    wmic product get name

    If so, you can use this to remove it:

    wmic product where "name like '%%PRODUCT NAME%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

    (replace PRODUCT NAME with the name shown in the results of the first command)