Kaseya Community Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reference another community member in a thread?

You can tag or link someone in a thread by using the '@' symbol. (Example:  @Username)

How can I change my notification settings for the Kaseya Community? (STOPPING EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS)

Thread on this topic: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/114/p/21772/99621.aspx#99621

I cannot log in to the Community - the page keeps showing the option to Sign in

If you're using IE, click the Gear icon in the top right of the browser window, select Compatibility View settings, and add the Community site to Compatibility View.

I have a technical problem who do I contact:

Kaseya has written several Knowledge-Base (KB) articles to allow users to resolve issues that may occur within the Kaseya Portfolio of products:

If you are unable to resolve your issue with a KB Article, Kaseya strongly recommends creating a support ticket:


I have a billing, financial, or licensing issue. Who do I reach out to?

Kaseya recommends reaching out to your Account Manager. If you are unsure whom this person is, please reach out to Success.Team@kaseya.com

I am new to Kaseya or want to expand on my product knowledge, where do I go and what do I do?

Kaseya offers several different training from our Open Access and Subscription-based training offerings.

If you are interested in our training offering, please reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

  • The Open Access Curriculum includes free training such as access to the KCT (Kaseya Certified Technician) training, Software Management, BMS, and more!
  • Want to check out our Subscription-based training? - visit our training offerings site here. Our team offers certifications for different Kaseya Products, Instructor-led training, and more. 

We are ready to help you get your training journey started!

I want a feature in the product that does not currently exist.

Kaseya strongly recommends creating a Feature Request for any functionality you would like to see in the product:

Feature Requests are based on likes, this shows the importance of the request from our clients.

How do I know when a Patch is released?

Patches are released frequently to correct any product issues or release small product enhancements for various releases of Kaseya. The best method to check the latest available patch is the patch release notes section of the help guide:


Alternatively, you can subscribe to the RSS feed from the help guide:


Or review the Patch Release Notes forum. As the new Patch Release notes are published, our team will show this post on the Home Page for easy access. 


My License does not allow me to update to the latest version of Kaseya or a specific version of Kaseya, Why not?

Your current license key does not allow you to update to the latest version available.

We recommend reaching out to your Account Manager to assist with this request. 

If you are unsure whom this person is, please reach out to success.team@kaseya.com.

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