I was reading an article from CIO.com earlier today (https://www.cio.com/article/3245772/it-strategy/the-12-biggest-issues-it-faces-today.html) that detailed 12 of the biggest issues IT professionals face today. They are as follows:

• Internet of Things Security

• Retraining employees

• Data overload

• IT Skills Gap

• Innovation and digital transformation

• Tightening budgets

• Finding new revenue streams

• Upgrading legacy systems

• Lack of agility

• Outsourcing risks

• Pitfalls in moving to the cloud

• Multiple security vulnerabilities

Personally, I find the issue of the IT skills gap to be the most shocking. As a younger person, I know plenty of people looking for IT jobs, considering how open the market is, but unfortunately, it seems to be the case that many companies aren’t willing to take a shot on candidates without much experience, which is completely understandable.

Regardless, what are your thoughts on this list? Do you agree, and what do you think is the biggest IT issues?