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AuthAnvil AD Agent Sync

  • Hi,

    We have just recently started using Authanvil which has been a great product to use so far.

    Our only concern is that we have created a security group which we wanted to sync with the Authanvil AD sync agent, but this is something that authanvil cannot do.

    The Agent only works when selecting specific organizational units of our active directory, which means all users from them OUs will sync on Authanvil which we do not want to do as some accounts are used for testing.

    We prefer that if a security group is used, this will be more simple to use for our internal support team as they can add new users to the member group (Security group) on active directory as part of a new starters process. This will exclude the users that do not require to be added onto authanvil and this will be easy to maintain users for an admin of the Authanvil portal. 



  • Hey Jay,

    The AuthAnvil AD Sync Agent is designed to allow you to filter by OU when syncing, but doesn't give you the granularity you want. If this is really a concern, consider creating a new OU with only that Security Group and those Users defined. Alternatively, syncing all the user and assigning a license is a different thing. You could sync all your users but only provision those with the attributes you care about... or bulk provision by the Security group.

    See help.authanvil.com/.../115007845567-Allow-provisioning-by-group for more details.