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Has really Kaseya stopped selling On Premises Perpetual Licenses with separate Yearly Maintenance / Support ?

  • Hello Everyone,

    Used Kaseya and "implanted" it in every Company I joined since the last 15 years.

    I have just joined another Company and as usual wanted to plant the Kaseya seed.. and now I have been told "Subscription Only"?


    The advantage to go on Premise with a Perpetual License is that even if the Company goes bankrupt you can keep using the software until you are ready to migrate to something else (one of the many advantages)

    Is this true?

  • Alessandro, This is the first I have heard of this. Im curious for the answer.

  • I just had a quote for some licenses that had a seperate 1 time charge for the license and then a seperate maintenance charge.

  • It's been that way for a number of years. You can only buy perpetual licenses now if you were grandfathered in when they made the change to subscription only.
  • I would hope this is not the case...   Need some feedback on this Kaseya

  • Hello Corey,

    Do you feel part of the "Grandfathered" people (like dsauceics mention?) or is this a new quote for a brand new installation?

    It would be interesting if they sell perpetual in some countries only (in which case I will buy there :-) )

    Subscription only for on-premise does not make sense at all (That is a Cloud model).

  • WE use on premise, and have done for 10 years, currently looking at buying more licenses and so far all good for us. I do believe new clients have to go subscription though

  • Hello Bernard,

    Of course, if you are in the same Company they have to continue to use the previous model.

    I also had on premises perpetual in all of my past companies until now.

    It would be nice to have an official answer from a Kaseya's representative.

    As far as I am concerned this would make Kaseya action similar if Microsoft stopped selling exchange and offered 365 only.

    A partial suicide in my opinion..

  • on premise does not equal perpetual.

    subscription does not equal cloud.

    On prem can be perpetual(if you're grandfathered) or subscription.

    Cloud is subscription only.

  • We would definelty fall into Grandfathered. We have been a Kaseya customer for a logn time.

  • Now I just need to understand if using Kaseya in multiple companies for many years gives you the status of "Grandfather" or if when you change Company despite of your past you are automatically downgraded to "nephew".

    From the comments, it seems anyway confirmed that kaseya moved to a  "subscription only"...  exceptions asides due to long history.

    Thank you all.

  • My experience shows that it has not been easier with ConnectWise, for example. I've been using Kaseya RMM for my startup MSP. It seems to perform everything that is required (with MSP Builder, of course). Though a lot of users say Kaseya is hard for a startup.