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AVG procedure to delete different kind of AVG versions

  • Hi, 

    I've just been working recently on  a script to delete different kind of avg versions on our clients endpoints. Since we replaced AVG with webroot. I want to know what "shellcommand" exactly is and how to execute multiple shellcommands after each other.. I'm trying to find my ways in scripting procedures in Kaseya recently. 

    My script is below in the picture below:

    Please let me know what is wrong with it, and how i can fix it? Any tips to write procedures are welcome!

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  • Hi ,

    The script you created seems to use the correct syntax with agent procedures. As you mentioned, this is exactly what you need to execute multiple commands one after another, just put them in the order you want them to execute and the VSA agent will execute them.

    "shellcommand" uses the regular command prompt from windows, also known as cmd.exe

    I tried a couple of command from your script, and they did not remove the AVG I have installed on my test vm. First you would need to double check and make sure the commands you are using are the correct ones to uninstall AVG. Keep in mind, a lot of AV products have restrictions as to not being able to be uninstalled via script. They do that to protect the machines against smarter attacks that could try to uninstall/disable the AV before running any malicious program.

    Lastly, the VSA agent runs the command on a command prompt, it will return as a success if the command was executed in the shell, but it will not tell you if the command has failed due to a bad argument or bad syntax. This is why i always recommend checking the command on a machine first and make sure it is correct.

    Let me know if you have any more questions, I'll be happy to help.

  • Hi Douglas,

    Thank you for your feedback, i'll really appreciate it. i've tried to install avg on my vm but it gives an error. i'm trying to figure out how to fix this and then try to get multiple versions on the machine, not all at the same time but just 1 install, run command to delete it than another install. How can i learn the best way to create procedures for our VSA. is there a manual? I really love trying this kind of stuff and helping my coworkers.

    Thanks again!

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  • Hi Youri,

    The closest to a manual is the Help File about Agent Procedures: http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/VSA/9040000/#4549.htm

    It explains all the different commands, how to use them and provides some explanations.

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  • Hi Douglas,

    Thanks again for your feedback. I'll check it out.

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  • Hi Douglas,

    Maybe a weird question? but why isn't there a tool or procedure to clean every antivirus or internet security before install kaspersky anti virus?

    we're now writing our own AUTOIT script to do this but it's a lot work to find out where every setup of every the virusscanners are..

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  • If anyone has any trouble with Vipre (like we did), here is a link that may prove to be useful: support.threattracksecurity.com/.../1000070667-how-to-manually-remove-a-vipre-business-agent

    Also, if you have McAfee installed via subscription and the subscription is not active: service.mcafee.com/.../articleview



  • Hi Bud,

    Most of the time AVG and Trend micro are hard to get rid off...

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