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VSA Migration with Connectwise

  • Hi,
    Our firm has VSA9.2 and will be migrating to 9.4. We have our VSA integrated with Connectwise v2017.4. We were looking to run 9.2 and 9.4 in parallel as we migrated enpoints from the old to the new. We've queried CW support and been told that CW currently doesn't support having more than one VSA linked into it. I was wondering if other people had migrated VSAs in paralle with CW and what they' done to minimise/mitigate this limitation in CW. Cheers.

  • Hi,

    We use the hosted connectwise and do not have any issues with our on premise VSA which is 9.4

    I believe the recommend integration from both going forward will be using mspassist.com. this is what i was told when I looked into getting a more recent integration going.

  • We have been using MSPAssist for nearly a year.  A lot of what they do/facilitate should be native in Kaseya....but since Kaseya is not doing it they(MSPAssist) make an excellent product that fills that gap and provides some intuitive remediation along with the bidirectional ticket communication between the software.

  • HI,

    you can use the email connector of connectwise in VSA 9.4.