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  • Guys,

    As we all know, Kaseya is lacking on reporting when it comes to generating KPI information from within the Kaseya Service Desk.. I want to know if there are any users out there using a separate reporting engine to generate meaninful reports out of the Kaseya database. Can you share your solution?


    Buster Davis

  • Since the DB is SQL and most of the basic agent info and such are already in sql views that are at least somewhat appropriately named, you can use any reporting product for this.  We use both BrightGauge and Crystal Reports (both of which are what I would describe as industry standards).  Brightgauge is helpful for dashboard type information.  Crystal will be better for text/computing reports.

  • I to am interested in how others are getting all the data out, in a better format.  Please keep me posted with your findings.

  • Hello Davis,

    For dashboard I use PowerBI and we trying to design an custom dashboard because we don't want the use a 3th party tooling like BrightGauge what I easly can build by myself. I'm thinking of creating a own module in Kaseya that has that functionality so we have it in the interface only I don't know how to create a separte module yet...

    Besides that we use Kaseya Reporting for are KPI but we generate are own dataset so we can get the KPI of it from SQL..

  • How are you creating your own dataset?

  • Hello Buster,

    We define SQL views and creating XML files like Name Value Part. Then place them in the Custom Registration folder on the KServer and Run the Import Function of reports.

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  • Those are nice options if you are using the on-premise version of Kaseya but what about those of us using the hosted cloud VSA? What decent reporting options do we have, aside from Excel output, which is cumbersome and tedious when generating monthly reports for multiple clients.

  • Ditto TandyTech.  It's hard to believe that the cloud VSA does not have API's to pull report data, but there it is.  We schedule Excel reports and then load them into another database to perform some internal reporting.  Still working through how to produce customer facing reports.  I hate to reinvent the wheel, but seems like not much choice...