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Column Displaying Domain / Workgroup Information for AzureAD

  • Is there a way to add a Column, that displays if the device is AD Joined, AzureAD joined, or just on local Workgroup?

    The current 'Domain/Workgroup' Column, shows AzureAD joined PCS as 'Workgroup' connected.

    Whereas, need a way for it to display 'AzureAD' in the column.



  • Marty, this is probably something Kaseya needs to update.  Workgroups and Domains are as old as the hills, but times are changing and there seems to be other options (AzureAD and DJ++).

    In the meantime the only way to get this information would be to write a script (agent procedure) to identify the status of each machine, and update a custom field.

  • Rightio, thanks Chris

    Do you have an example scipt for retreiving and updating a custom field. I havn't worked wih those in Kaeys yet.