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Product Feature Requests forum closed?

  • want to post in the Product Feature Requests forum but when i go to it there is no "new post" button?

    Is it closed?

  • This is where you want to go.


  • This does seem the place to go, if i try to google this, but I don't see the Feature Request options anymore. Just a few old Community posts (7 spread over 3 years)??

    Not sure what's going on.

    Ah, revalation struck me, despite being logged in, coming from the forum you're sent to the Kaseya Helpdesk. And although I was logged in (in IE), the Community only works reliably in Chrome, so I just had to login. So, you need a Helpdesk account to get there on top of your Community account.

    It does work, if you're only logged in... Oops....
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