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Cisco ASA monitoring thru KNM

  • Has anyone successfully been able to navigate which series of MIB files (from the thousands of potential ones for cisco products) are required to get KNM working with an ASA ?  Or possibly figured out some other way of doing basic failover, interface, and cpu/ram monitoring of an ASA.   

    I've put a few hours into trying to figure this out already (trying multiple combinations of MIBs from cisco's site) and I'm growing very frustrated that something so prevalent in the enterprise world isn't supported out of box and I cannot get any support from Kaseya when other products do support this out of box.z

  • Yes, we got templates for monitoring ASA with the MIB files required from Cisco site.

  • Where can I find these. I even opened a support request and was told that they don't support anything but showing how to create the .dat files (which is clear enough process).   Thank you for the response!

  • The creating of DAT files is not rocket science, it's very easy to create them. But for the DAT process I use the another build then the VSA gives you. community.kaseya.com/.../67676.aspx That one gives a better error detection in the MIB files. Still, don't know why they give in the VSA an older build version.

    @Support, WHY? The last KNM build for compile is 7054 in Kaseya VSA it is 6833...

    If you are looking for Cisco ASA MIB files I use the following links:

    - supportforums.cisco.com/.../snmp-mibs-and-traps-asa-additional-information (Information)

    - ftp.cisco.com/.../asa-supportlist.html (List of Supported DAT Files)

    - tools.cisco.com/.../MainServlet ( MIB Locator for versions)

    I download most available MIB (dot.my extensions) and compile those in a DAT file. Then I was able to find the right OID by searching in the MIB files and Browser.

    What are you currently looking for?


  • I guess i'm just used to rarely having to upload an MIB in something like opsview or out of box common enterprise devices having OID defined and MIB there.  

    We're essentially looking to have KNM monitor sessions/bandwidth/HA failover events/general hw alarms for ASAs

    since there are so many mibs for cisco devices and you have to add every dependent mib in the kaseya mib compiler, and add the file manually to kserver, and restart the knm service it becomes pretty onerous rapidly to try and figure this out.  I know traverse and other applications will do this sort of thing easily, but in the interim we need to make sure we know when failovers occur and when basic utilization is above threshold.

  • I've successfully created dat files and had some OIDs appear. but trying to make sense out of what is actually needed in what order and finding those MIBs and the corresponding values to monitor has proven a lot more difficult than i've experienced in other monitoring solutions.  I can't be the only person trying to monitor an ASA or have a basic template for monitoring those.