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KAV Failed to Install

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I deployed KAV out to a computer but a user rebooted the computer while it was installing. The computer has the Kaspersky icon in the lower right corner which is grayed out and when I hover over the icon it says reinstall needed. I tried to deploy it again but it still fails. I cannot see any logs and I am not sure how to proceed. Kaspersky is not listed in the computers add/remove program. What can I do to get KAV deployed to this computer? Thanks!

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  • I resolved my issue.

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  • Great, Well done.

    Would you care to elaborate how?

    Just incase someone else is facing the same issue and they come across this post.


  • I ran the Kaspersky Removal Tool (support.kaspersky.com/.../service.aspx) and then redeployed KAV.