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Service Desk Report Creation

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I want to create a report for service desk that will provide a ticket creation date and time and also a date and time the first time a technician has added a public note. And then if i could compare the two fields and provide the time difference would be my secondary goal. At the moment i have one working for the first note created but that is returning data based on the hidden notes generated when the ticket is created and assigned not notes created by my techs.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi ,

    I think your best option would be working with the data set Service Desk > Ticket Notes in Info Center > Report Parts. I see columns in that data set for the date the note is created. Not sure that you would be able to show the time difference. You can, however, display the date the ticket was created and the date the note was created. I would recommend opening a support ticket if you're not sure on how to use the Report Parts in Info Center. There's at least 8 data sets for service desk with Report Parts.

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