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When is 9.4 coming?

  • So according to the Roadmap 9.4 is coming at the end of Sept 2016, webpage currently just shows:

    Coming Soon! Stay tuned…

    So please can we have a list of items that are in v9.4 and confirm if it will be release on 1st October?

    We have remained on v9.2 after reading through all the pain that others have gone through and are still going through with v9.3, so can Kaseya show people that 9.4 will be a better product on release date. Will the beta program be an improvement on the methodology used previously as posters on this forum have described a very restrictive process which converts into issues that should have shown up in the beta being in the release version.


  • Wow, just responded to your other post too!  In my experience (been using Kaseya for 10 years) each release goes about like 9.3...some are better and some are worse but I can't recall a release that was problem free.  Due to that we never install an update on day one (though I am very appreciative of those that do).  If 9.4 came out today, I would still wait for 9.3 to be stable, install it and then track the progress of 9.4 for months and install it when things look good.

  • Check out the 9.4 Beta application post -- I doubt it will be out 10/1 but I am very glad to see that on-demand remote control is back

  • our stance has morphed into something similar. we do try to enroll in the beta tests and have our own dev environment to work on. our tipping point to install the latest VSA on our production side is when Kaseya moves their SaaS customers to the latest. to me that means they feel its stable enough that the VSAs they support can run it. why introduce new bugs that you are now responsible for?

  • Well just checked the Roadmap and it's now changed from September 2016 to now be Q4 2016, so the release can now be anytime up to the end of 2016!

    So the 3 releases a year has now going to become only 2 releases this year.

    So I am getting less and less for my support dollar and it's slipping back towards the bad old days.

    9.4 really needs to be something special and preferably be delivered in October or November and not be as bug ridden like the 9.2 and 9.3 releases were.

  • I hear you @Haigh Systems, although personally, I'm fine with fewer releases per year. Maybe if they went back to a slower release cadence (like in the old days) they could concentrate on fixing the many broken issues the VSA has in the core, instead of rushing us to upgrade to newer versons (of the same old broken stuff they will never fix).

  • Our company is still in the transition phrase, moving away from Labtech to Kaseya. We have used it for less than a month and so far have had issue's deploying agents and one of the main annoyances, is the stupid little window for remote and checking details of that machine, which also refreshes and closes the window, unless you pin it.

  • We were also told the integration between the bms and vsa would be coming in September release. Obviously that isn't the case, each time we report things, we get told 'its coming in the next release'

  • JB1975, I would be happy for Kaseya to move to 2 release a year as long as they were quality releases and as you say they fix some of long standing broken parts. Also fairly obvious things like making the way selecting "machine groups" and "views" in each part of the UI the same.

  • @ Haigh Systems - Absolutely. Quality releases please not volume of releases.

    @ Wesd84 - Welcome to Kaseya! "Everything™" will be fixed in the next release. Except all of the stuff that doesn't work.

  • My understanding is Kaseya are looking at a December release for 9.4, so I wouldn't hold your breath for October/November. Join the beta program if you want earlier insight.

    I've found the 9.2 and 9.3 releases fairly stable and most major issues were resolved reasonably quickly (within two weeks). Sure there are plenty of bugs (KAV ugh!) but we've been using Kaseya since version 5.0 and overall I feel the product quality has been steadily improving year on year. The open communication  from Mike Puglia and Dana Epp also suggests they are working hard to keep improving their release quality, so I'm feeling upbeat, and a bit over the 'bashing' that seems to run rampant through the forums now and again, despite how therapeutic it may feel at the time! :-)

  • Good shout Combo. Yes it is therapeutic, and yes we are using KAV (which is a massive source of issues) but I would definitely prefer quality over quantity.

  • I would love to see *new* features halted until 9.3 INCLUDING KAV is actually working, stable and supportable.

  • Have you tried the new Kaspersky module in R9.3?  What has your experience been so far?

  • KAV is a pig. Period. It's had so many bugs and issues, I can't even begin to list them all.

    Right now, we have the total inability to install or upgrade agents (told the fix is in patch .18), agents completely going out of profile on a daily basis. Agents losing their licence key or getting stuck updating status. Global exceptions being deleted off our server, and the inability to resolve threats without logging into the endpoint (i.e. inability to resolve threats via the VSA's user interface).

    Hell, you can't even tell if an agent is infected or not via Kaseya. Pretty basic issues.

    Yes, this is another ***-fest-kaseya-bash, but honestly, KAV just doesn't work.

    I'm on the 9.4 beta - installing today - hopefully will have positive things to say soon.