The tickets have eventually been attended to. Gary Hundal has been hard at work with me sorting through issues. It's just annoying to see a level 2 severity ticket sit idle for 2 days.

The re-release of patch .16 and a reapply schema has fixed some issues. Others still remain:

For those watching the thread, we have the following tickets open as Kaseya-confirmed bugs:

KAV(9.3) Executive summery reports are not properly filtered, so the numbers are wrong in all the reports.

The agent grid views duplicates the agent (i.e. listed twice) during (upgrade) installs. This is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect operation. Things go back to normal after the install completes.

There are bugs with the agent showing "has active threats = true" yet no threats listed under detections, therefore no way to resolve the threats except by manually logging into the agent and opening Kaspersky console to resolve manually.

Some of the SQL queries for licencing return wrong licencing numbers (only an issue for third party reports).

KAV(9.3) doesn't use agent procedures to install or update, so there is no way to monitor or report on agent operations, or cancel pending operations. KAV(9.3) uses the new LC2 agent endpoint service - currently if you have an issue e.g. accidentally start an agent install, you must log a support ticket to cancel it, you can't fix it yourself. I have issues with the VSA doing things we can't see or control - the move towards using the new agent endpoint service to do things without any visibility or control is a major problem for me.

If you set up a policy to apply only a KAV *alert* profile, it will immediately and silently auto-install KAV & reboot any agent to any agent you apply the policy to. Apparently this is by design. I have strong feelings about this - by my reckoning, this should merely apply the selected alert profile to agents with KAV installed, but not auto-install KAV itself if it isn't already installed.