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Sharing experience using VSA 9.3

  • After many hours struggling, finally VSA 9.3 running on my server.

    My first trial is upgrading the existing VSA  9.1 server. Everything’s running smooth and all files success downloaded. But when it started to install, the process was failed. It stuck at first module installation. So I decide to uninstall all, and try clean installation using same server. The installation was successfully. But I can’t login.

    Finally, i use another server. And do the clean install. It works! don't know what's wrong, i hope kaseya will fix this issue. Manage Agent was the first module that i opened. All installed agent shows here. OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) was fully supported, and for linux, you can't update the agent. it still stuck on v7. For older agent, when we click the agent icon, it will redirect to remote control or classic live connect. both are not working


    so i decide to update all the agent, it's kind new for me. just click at Manage icon (top), and select update agent

    and for the new agent it will redirect to new KLC. i loved this update, clean UI, separated from browser, and integrated with remote control. So we don't need to install remote control apps. and it support multiple monitors


    when we use chat feature, the target computer will show pop up automatically. nice!. 


    you can open KLC directly without opening web browser.

    when we press the (+) icon, it will show all the agent 

    here's another KLC screenshot

    overall, very recommended to upgrade  switch to 9.3


  • We've been using LC2 for a couple of days now.

    First observations:

    The KServer's RAM and CPU load is markedly increased. Downloads from the Kserver (e.g. noactivex.exe, liveconnect installer) are very slow and time out/hang frequently.

    KLC2 is slow.  As in, an RC session within KLC2 is slower than it was to do a stand alone KRC in 9.2, by about 50%. It's so slow and unresponsive so as to be almost unusable.

    KLC tabs tens to disconnect as soon as you change focus to a different tab. i.e. you open machine1 then later machine 2. you work on machine 2 for a while then click back to machine 1's tab, only to receive a timeout/disconnect message.

    KRC sessions inside KLC2 are hard to work on a standard technician laptop (1366x768 screen)with as so much screen real-estate taken up by the menu bars etc. in the KLC2 window. We would prefer a fullscreen / poput window so we don't have to use a magnifying glass to see the screen every time.

    The new Manage Agents menu in the VSA is a good improvement.

    We suspect these issues may be due to our KServer now being overloaded due to the increased resources use, and may not be indicative of everyone's experience.

  • Hearing of increased server load is disappointing.  One of the major reasons we would upgrade is for improved performance....I am very interested to hear if others are also experiencing this after the upgrade.

    Thanks to all who have and will contribute here

  • The new 9.3 Remote Control connection gets lost every time I try to connect to a remote machine. The KaseyaEndpoint.exe on the remote machine crashes. This happens with all our agents with different OS!

  • I was thinking high about 9.3 but now thinking to stay away till they come up with few patches.

  • If you hate v93 KLC and want to go back to V92 KRC temporarily without disabling it system-wide (And you have KES), here's a shortcut.

    Go to security-installations. Clicking on the agent icon on this screen will launch an R92 style KRC session, not the new live connect. It seems they forgot to update this module with R93 KLC links :)

  • There no longer appears to be any way to see what scripts are CURRENTLY running on an agent.

    KLC - asset - procedures shows history and scheduled (future) but not *currently running*. The information has been removed from quickview also. This is probably our #1 use for quickview, and I don't understand why such vital functionality has been removed.

    Personally, i refer the old quickview but want to run the new KLC - however they can only be switched on or off as a pair - not individually.

  • Also, the new R93 Anti-virus modules shows every agent as "not installed". The R92 anti-virus (classic) module reports normal status as per R92.

    Teething problems, I'm sure, but poor form none the less to miss such obvious things from  a simple R92 to R93 upgrade.

  • Craig Hart

    Also, the new R93 Anti-virus modules shows every agent as "not installed". The R92 anti-virus (classic) module reports normal status as per R92.

    Teething problems, I'm sure, but poor form none the less to miss such obvious things from  a simple R92 to R93 upgrade.

    Hi Craig, have you upgraded any of the agents to the new 9.3 AV module? My understanding is that they are not supposed to show in this module until they are upgraded to use it, as covered here - http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/RN/9030000/#34053.htm

  • Thanks combo. No I hadn't upgraded the agents (for 9.3 av - yes we did the usual, updating the agent version etc). It was not clear to me either in beta or release that this is a required step.

    The user interface should say 'requires upgrade' instead of not installed.

    As usual, the overall design and communication of the product could be better, I accept that there is a reference in the release notes, however the release notes are heavy going and I doubt everyone will take the time to read every note of every module in detail enough to pick up all these nuances.

    Perhaps Kaseya should be putting together an upgrade checklist that is shown on-screen during the upgrade itaelf, but most of all the VSA design should be more helpful in recognising these sorts of situations. All too often people have issues using Kaseya because there are too many interdependencies across modules that don't link up. E.g. Patch won't work without agent credentials, certain monitoring won't work without event logs enabled, KES and KAV still don't recognise each other, the system allows you to override policy without warning, and so on.

    Anyhow, rant over. I'll upgrade the agents and that should fix it.

  • We upgraded a few days ago and are having a lot of problem with 404 errors within LC2 - there are ticket(s) in with Kaseya Dev.  It appears to be a problem with the agents not upgrading correctly as new or re-installed agents do work.

    KAV is broken though - we cannot upgrade KAV to new KAV and some KAV installations are in limbo.

  • We are having numerous problems with the speed of the new Live Connect.

    Upgraded Friday and had kaseya support on with me as CPU was 95% and Mem at 97% on out KServer. They found a runaway kaseya edge service process that made it have problems. The high memory will always be an issue (they stated). We have 32GB in our server and SQL capped at 24GB. Kaseya Engineer advised as long as CPU is down, the memory usage is not an issue.

    The upgrade had no issues. All was working except the Statistics tab of the Agent\Server Management came up with a ASP error (separate ticket with Kaseya)

    The Live Connect works in IE, Chrome and Mozilla BUT the remote control is so slow almost useless. The latency is high and you click and have to wait for the refresh to see what you did. The previous 9.2 LC was spot on with speed and functionality. Have updated 9.3 agents and connecting to them is pain staking. Have to use either the Remote Control tab or our Team Viewer installed on the most critical machines.

    We ruled out our internet as we have a dedicated 100/100 circuit and have 93D\87U

    the whole speed of the system does not live up to our expectations, as they advised that moving away from Java based interactions on the KServer would lower resources and give a better user experience.

    Interested if others see this as well ????

  • @Adam wall. As per my prior post, Yes we see exactly the same issues.

    Did you see my tip to access old KRC via the security module? Is this fast for you? If so, then it's the new Live Connect which is slow, not the KRC functionality itself.

  • I have 3 R93 support tickets open, one at the second highest priority, all untouched for 3 days. This is not a good sign.

  • Upgraded this weekend, same problems with KLC, same solution -reinstall agents.  I also have a ticket open.  I like the webroot and veeam add-ins.