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Weekly Email Of Multiple Alerts

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Currently we have the Kaseya agent deployed on a few of our AWS servers.
I have created a monitor set which detects if one of the machines has 60% or more free space. 
Right now, I have a agent procedure which sends an email each time a server has 60% or more free space.
Is there some way to have a weekly email sent out with all of the machines that have 60% or more free space.
We are using the SAS Kaseya version.

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  • If it were me, I would schedule a report to run and show how much free space is available on the agents you are looking at, and have that report sent out via email. If I understand reporting right (saying I'm a reporting novice would be an understatement) you should be able to set it so that only machines that have 60% or more free space show up on that report.

    All in all, I'm not sure that alerts are the way to go with this one. It's more used for instant alerts.