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Anyone interested in auto-launching scripts pre/post a remote control (KRC) session?

  • I contacted Kaseya professional services and got back a quote for being able to launch a chosen script at the time of connection and/or disconnection of a KRC session. It's an expensive amount of work, but they are willing to coordinate and split the costs between multiple companies that are interested, *if* I can find others. So I thought I'd ask on the forums here to see if there are others interested in this that would be willing to chip in for it?

  • Well, it certainly sounds like a usefull feature - so, I can certainly promise to be interested... :-)
    As to financial promises, unfortunately I'm not allowed to decide on that.
    I'll talk to some people here and see if we're willing to chip in.

    Let me get back to you, could take me a while and I think our management will consider this a Kaseya issue.
    So, they'll gladly use it as a feature, but I think they're not likely to spend thousands, even hundreds of dollars on it.
    Maybe if more people will support the idea, sort of crowdfunding this, it should be very interesting.

    Finally this month (the 21st) a first customer council is held in Amsterdam, a new initiative by Kaseya.
    Let me see what they think about it.

  • Sounds good. Yeah, I wish they would just build this in, but I'm not holding my breath for it.

  • What type of tasks would you perform pre or post a remote control session?

  • Interested in use case as well.

  • - I have a custom app we used to use that detects which tech remotely connected and displays their picture to the end user while they are connected. It worked brilliantly when the remote system used VNC, as we had enough know-how internally to modify the asp files to make it work. With KRC, it's a bit beyond our expertise.

    There are other ways to do this, like having a modified html link that both launches KRC and a script at the same time, but I haven't found a solid way of detecting when they've disconnected, and I'd like something less "janky". If you have other suggestions, I'm of course all ears :)

  • I was just thinking 2 days ago it would be nice to be able to run a script to give the end user a persistent visual queue that we are connected to their machine.

  • I'd be willing to share our custom application and source code if we can get this feature implemented! I'll give it some more time to see who else might be interested.

  • I'd just like a way to automatically pop open an html link to a survey for our technicians when they disconnect.  Most other remote controls I've used offer an an automatic exit survey.  Seems like something Kaseya should add in.

  • That's an excellent idea , I'll have to look into that as well if we get this working.

  • I was thinking of doing a Private message for those interested, but I might as well post the details here for all to see.

    Kaseya says it's $18k of work for them to get this done. At the moment I think I have 5 parties interested (including those here), which puts us at $3,600 each. That's pretty steep still. If we could get 10+ people involved, that starts to bring it into a more reasonable range per company I think, but this doesn't seem to be garnering enough interest to make it a reality yet.

    Networking at Kaseya Connect would make this a lot easier, don't think I'll make it this year though.

    Ugh, don't know why this is so freaking expensive for them.

  • I suppose this would potentially include a disconnect message when the KRC session has ended?  There is a popular feature request in the kaseya helpdesk website located here requesting this for Kaseya Remote Control.

    The pushing factor for this feature is mainly surrounded by compliance for certain clients in specific key industries.  We have had to resort to creative ways which eliminates Kaseya Remote Control (which we would rather use) and resort to classic VNC to ensure this compliance feature.

    Perhaps this was not the thread to include this on however it is somehow correlated with Kaseya Remote Control features being requested by Kaseya clients.

  • SInce 9.2 did reintroduce support for RDP sessions, that would mean also supporting this on RDP sessions?

    I'm not sure, but think most people are using RDP in our company, most of the time that's a lot easier on the eyes. I do believe KRC sometimes has merit, but most of the time RDP is the better option for us.

    The pricetag is indeed rather steep, for this kind of money it will not be an option at all, certainly not for us. Let's see what people say at the Customer Success Council in Amsterdam and I'll update this again.

  • Oscar - thanks for the heads up, this is absolutely a good place to bring it up... I'd forgotten about that request, just checked though and I'd already signed it a year ago. Sigh.

    For VNC and RDP sessions (as OudjesEric mentions), launching a script at connection time is fairly trivial in the ASP code from what I recall, I still have the modifications around here somewhere. Not sure about at disconnect though... we didn't need the disconnect script when we used to use VNC as our app could detect the disconnect window that would pop up at the end of the session, and trigger based on that. Not much good now with KRC as we first need to be able to launch the script before even getting to that point.

    PM me if you want the ASP modifications.

  • am I missing something or doesn't VSA 9.2 already have that feature for KRC:

    Remote Control > Notification Policy > User Role / Machine Policy

    Notify user when session terminates?

    edit: Checked the help and it states: Supported by WinVNC only

    *sigh* Carry on and I liked the feature request :)

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