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Using Kaseya to manage unruly Trend Micro Officescan agents

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Has anyone updated Trend Officescan agents using a Kaseya procedure?

Not so much a Kaseya question as a request for ideas to use Kaseya to solve a non-kaseya problem:

  • 1000 or so endpoints running XP and Win7
  • Kaseya agents at ver 8.x
  • Trend Micro Officescan agents set to auto-upgrade
  • Endpoints behind firewalls with specified port for egress; we have extensive network monitoring of endpoints outside Kaseya/Trend
  • (cross-posted with Trend tech support)

We have endpoints in the field with network and Kaseya connectivity whose Trend agents have failed to completely update. We have found that using the GUI (VNC) to click "update" solves the problem, but our endpoints are FDA appliances and using the GUI is not acceptable for more than spot-checks. A nice quiet Kaseya procedure seems like a good solution. Has anyone tried this with Trend agents?

We might implement a Virus-checker-to-Kaseya integration in future, but we don't have it now.

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  • Hi John

    Check out the link below, we found this when we were considering an AV change (but ended up going with KAV)


    This gives a way of creating some monitors that will help you with kaseya, there maybe a way that you can modify them to do a forced update.

    Hope this helps