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Updated: Kaseya VSA Roadmap Recording and FAQs

  • Kaseya VSA roadmap and upcoming release

    In the past two months, Fred Voccola and his executive team have met many of you in person to talk frankly about the existing Kaseya VSA product roadmap.  We’ve listened closely to your feedback and are quickly making changes so that our next release reflects what is most important to you, our valued customers.  Consequently, the next release – Kaseya VSA Release 9.2 – will GA in early November with expanded feature content.  

    Please note that there will also be the regular pre-GA webinar in late October that will cover R9.2 in full detail.  


    Roadmap Webinar Questions and Answers



    Remote Access (Kaseya Remote Control (KRC), (VNC), Kaseya  LiveConnect (KLC))

    Q: Will Kaseya be developing features for KRC?

    A: Absolutely.  We are actively developing new features and functionality for KRC.  Our intention is to provide customers with a wide range of remote control options to fit their specific business processes and preferences.

    Q: Will VNC also remain in Kaseya VSA (VSA) alongside KRC and RDP?

    A: Yes, Kaseya will support multiple methods for customers to remote control endpoints.

    Q: Will support for RDP that was announced for R9.2 also be patched to previous versions?

    A: Support for RDP will be introduced in R9.2 and subsequent versions only.

    Q: Is KLC compatible with IE11 and Edge browser in Windows 10?

    A: KLC uses a browser plugin which is compatible with IE11.  The new Windows Edge Browser does not support browser plugins utilized by KLC and is not supported.  This functionality will be addressed in the R9.3 release.

    Q: Will there be security in place to control which Kaseya techs have access to RDP vs. KRC?

    A:  Yes

    Q:  Any plans to prompt for a password when remote controlling?  Why not use AuthAnvil Two Factor  Auth (2FA) as default in VSA?  Will other password vaults be supported in future?

    A: You can require VSA users enter an  2FA passcode before launching a remote control session from within the VSA console. Entering this 2FA passcode is independent of whether the machine itself requires 2FA to logon.  We are investigating other types of authentication options for remote control for a future releases.

    Q: Will you be able to use KRC without an agent?        

    A:  We are investigating "on-demand" remote control solutions for a future releases.


    LiveConnect (KLC) Reimagined - Hydra

    Q: I don't see command shell on the screenshot - is it being replaced with powershell?

    A: We will support command shell and powershell.

    Q: Will there be a way to push the KLC client out to machines just like we do with updating the agents after an update?  Today, there is no push mechanism for updating KLC.

    A:  KLC is part of the agent install.  When the agent is updated, KLC is updated.

    Q: Will the new Hydra/KLC client be supported on Mac?

    A:  Yes

    Q: Will the new Hydra/KLC client be available for mobile devices?

    A:  Support for mobile devices will not be available in the initial release, but it is in our plans.


    Windows 10

    Q:  What is the schedule for Windows 10 support?


    Vendor Module Status
    Acronis................................. KBU...................... Delivered (patch for R9.1)
    AVG KES In R9.2 and then patched for 9.1
    Kaseya Patch In 9.2 and then patched for 9.1
    Kaseya - File Back-up KDB In 9.2 and then patched for 9.1
    Kaseya - Software Deployment KSDU Delivered (patch for R9.1)
    Kaspersky KAV Kaspersky is working on releasing Windows 10 support in the business version of their product by the end of October.  Once we receive their QA version, we will work quickly to release KAV and will update this timeline once we have the GA Kaspersky engine.  
    Malwarebytes KAM In R9.2 and then patched for 9.1
    Storagecraft KSBR In R9.2 and then patched for 9.1


    Q: Do the Windows 10 module patches apply to 9.0? or only 9.1?

    A: Windows 10 was introduced in 9.1 so will not be made available in 9.0.

    Q: When is the Windows 10 OS going to be added to the Agent Procedures section?  

    A:  Windows 10 is included in the “Perform Step On” selection list in R9.2.  You will see Windows 10 as an option for various OS filtering throughout R9.2.


    Patch Management

    Q: When will Patch Management support be added for Windows 10?

    A:  Microsoft has made fundamental changes to the way they provide patches for Windows 10 machines.  For Windows 10 Home Edition, there are no options to control Windows Updates (i.e. Microsoft automatically updates this version and does not provide an option to control updates).  For other Windows 10 Editions, updates can be audited and applied, but Microsoft does not provide the ability to block specific updates as they do with other Windows Operating Systems.

    Q: What improvements are planned with Patch Management?  

    A:  We are planning updates and enhancements to the Patch Management module.  Specific details will be addressed in future releases.  



    Q: Will theAVG engine used in Kaseya ?? (KES) be updated from 2012?

    A: Yes, the underlying AVG engine used in KES will be updated to AVG 2013, which is their most current OEM/business version (AVG does have a “home” version called 2015).  AVG is close to releasing a new OEM/business version engine called AVG 2016 which we will incorporate into VSA shortly after AVG releases it.  

    Q: Kaseya is no longer selling Kaseya Anti-Malware (KAM, Malwarebytes) to new customers. Will Malwarebytes come back?

    A:  Existing customers can continue to add KAM capacity.  Most antivirus companies (Kaspersky, etc…) have incorporated antimalware functionality into their products.  However, we have heard from our customers that they prefer the focus provided by Malwarebytes, so we are currently investigating reintroducing this in a future release.

    Q: Is there support for antivirus for Macs on the roadmap?

    A:  Not at this time.



    Q: Will there be any focus on adding other backup vendors, like Veeam, etc...?

    A:    Veeam currently provides an integrated module for the Kaseya VSA and we are continuing to work with 3rd party backup vendors on integration options.

    Q: Are there any plans to incorporate an imaging module?

    A:  We are currently investigating this.

    Q: Is there any work being done on the existing Kaseya back-up modules?

    A: Yes, we are looking on making enhancements and will be soon announcing additions to our post-R9.2 roadmap.


    Kaseya Network Monitoring (KNM)/Discovery

    Q: Paying the full cost of an agent to monitor, say, a printer via SNMP in KNM is unreasonable, when classic SNMP is built in to the core VSA at no extra cost. So why would I license KNM?

    A:  SNMP monitoring is available at no additional cost using the Classing Monitor module and this will continue to be offered.  KNM offers additional depth and functionality to make the setup and configuration of SNMP-based monitoring more manageable.  Customers are welcome to use the solution which best suits their business needs and financial considerations.  We regularly evaluate product pricing, including periodic customer surveys.  Feedback from customers helps us shape our product offerings and packages and we encourage you to discuss any pricing concerns with your Account Managers.

    Q: Is the IP range limited to the subnet the agent is on?

    A: We have removed the restriction that the agent must be on the subnet.  The only requirement is that the agent can see the network.

    Q: Will there be more predefined monitor sets for KNM?

    A: We are looking to add additional monitor sets for KNM in releases after R9.2.

    Q: Does KNM still use the gateway to monitor?

    A: Yes, KNM still uses the gateways that are deployed.

    Q: Is adding monitors/templates to assets in KNM still a per-asset basis or will we be able to add monitors to multiple assets at once in R9.2?

    A:  No changes have been made to this functionality in R9.2.

    Q: What are your plans re-release an integrated Kaseya Traverse?

    A:  There are no plans to integrate Traverse into the VSA at this time.


    Kaseya Software Deployment & Update (KSDU) / Ninite

    Q: What will be the cost of the KSDU module?

    A:  We are currently working on the pricing structure for the revised KSDU module.  Specific pricing details will be available around the time of the product launch.

    Q: Will support for KSDU still go through Kaseya support or be handled by Ninite support?

    A:  Most support will still be offered through Kaseya.  Kaseya will engage Ninite as necessary.  Issues with licensing may need to be addressed directly with Ninite.

    Q: For those who use Ninite directly already and not KSDU, will the KSDU interface be available to us to use as well?  If yes, is there an additional cost from Kaseya?

    A:  Yes, if the KSDU module is purchased. 

    Q: When will we see KSDU for new customers?

    A: This functionality will be introduced in  R9.2 and patched back to R9.1.

    Q: Are there still plans to partner with another company for KSDU or will us purchasing Ninite directly be the only way to keep using the module in the near future?

    A:  Kaseya is pleased to continue offering KSDU leveraging the Ninite engine. Any specific plans related to other third-party offerings and plugins will be announced at a later time.

    Q: I saw something about Lumension/Heat on the roadmap and thought that it was replacing Ninite?

    A: Any specific plans related to other third-party offerings and plugins will be announced at a later time.

    Q: There was talk about using Lumension to replace the patch management module, and add Mac patching.  Is this still a plan?

    A:  Any specific plans related to other third-party offerings and plugins, including Patch Management, will be announced at a later time.

    Q: Is there going to be a charge for the KSDU module?

    A:  Yes, KSDU is an Add-on.  Please speak to your Account Manager for details on pricing.

    Q: Still *talking* with Lumension?  Does this mean there is no hard date for when this product will be integrated?

    A: Yes that is correct.  Please note that Ninite will continue to be supported even if we do announce support for the Lumension catalog.


    Executive Report

    Q: Will the executive report pull Service Desk stats from PSA tools?

    A: The executive report only pulls information contained inside VSA and does not have the ability to report on data stored in external systems.  We are currently investigating this type of functionality.


    Service Desk

    Q: Is effort being made to improve the performance and feature set of the Service Desk module?

    A:  Yes

    Q: Is the Service Desk module still replacing the Ticketing module in 9.2? And is it still the plan to make this a free upgrade?

    A:  No, Ticketing will remain in VSA.


    Professional Services Automation (PSA)

    Q: Will R9.2 work with ConnectWise integration?

    A:  Yes.

    Q: Are there any discussions about making any better integrations with external MSP Service Desk providers, such as  Autotask or ConnectWise?

    A:  Kaseya currently works closely with MSP Assist to provide an integration into these products.


    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

    Q: Will Kaseya EMM be available on Cloud in R9.2?

    A:  No, we are investigating this for R9.3.

    Q: Is EMM going to be revamped?  Requiring a client with an active directory instance goes away from Kaseya's main selling point of supporting non-domain environments.

    A:  R9.2 will remove the Active Directory Requirement to use the mobile device management (MDM) functionality.  Active Directory is required for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) functionality as the end user needs to authenticate before accessing corporate resources via the BYOD apps.


    General Questions

    Q: Do you have a plan for Kaseya agent for Chromeboxes?

    A:  We are keeping a close eye on the endpoint market; however, we do not plan to support an agent for Chromebooks at this time.

    Q: What about the new API that was mentioned before?

    A:  This is under development and we will update our plans in the near future for post R9.2 releases.

    Q: Is there a way to be notified when updates are available for Kaseya?  I never seem to know when patches are released.

    A:  The Patch Release notes are published soon after the patch is released.  The System > Configure Page will automatically check when a new patch is available.  Additionally, you can subscribe to the Patch Release Notes forum on the Kaseya Community, which should notify you of any updates. This is a new forum in the community and will be updated shortly after the patch is released.  We are investigating an alert in the notification bar and will update our roadmap in the near future.

    Q: You say you'd like to hear from us more on topics. Where do we submit these questions?

    A:  We encourage all customers to contribute to the ongoing conversation by joining our Community and participating in the forums, registering for our webinars, and attending in-person events such as our local meetups and the annual Kaseya Connect conference.  

    Q: Will the Linux agent still be supported in R9.2?

    A:  Yes.

    Q: What about greater Linux support?

    A:  We are currently investigating support for newer Linux OS releases (i.e. RH 7.1) and will update our roadmap in the near future.

    Q: Will Windows XP be supported on future releases 9.2/9.3/9.4?

    A:  We continue to support functionality on XP and 2003 server. However, these operating systems are end-of-life from Microsoft and new updates are not being added.  If we encounter issues, we will have limited options to remediate as the OS vendor is no longer supporting these environments.  We will not be adding functionality for these operating systems.

    Added Q&A
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    There is a second webinar session later this afternoon (or evening, depending on where you're located).   You can register for that session if you would like to hear the presentation first-hand.

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