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an MSI installs software in the kaseya user folder instead of the user folder

  • I have created a procedure to install software to pc's on kaseya.
    we have a system account for the installations,

    the problem i have now is:

    when i run the procedure, the software will install the software to the Kaseya system user Appdata folder instead on the user Appdata folder. 
    i can't figure out why the software installs to the kaseya system user Appdata folder. 
    I have got a possible solution https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/dd408007(v=vs.85).aspx to edit the .MSI. 
    But my knowledge to edit the .MSI is not enough to know where to change that. 

    are there other solutions to solve this problem. 

  • Offhand I'm going to say perhaps it needs the "ALLUSERS" property set?


    So for example:

    msiexec /I "yourmsihere.msi" /qb /Lv* "C:\Temp\install.log" INSTALLLEVEL=200 ALLUSERS=1

    Fix spacing...
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  • Some installers are intended to be installed per user only, the non-Enterprise version of Google Chrome and Adobe Reader are a good examples of this.

    You can use the ALLUSERS property for some installers like Adobe Reader however in the case of Google Chrome you have to download the Enterprise version that installs to the "Program Files" instead of the user's appdata folder.

    If neither of these options are available for the application you could try and install it as "logged on user" when the users software is intended for are logged on.

  • 5 bucks says this is a terminal server, and OP forgot "change user /INSTALL" and/or should be using an MST not an MSI.

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