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Kaseya cannot support Microsoft of WSUS

  • Dear Sir/ Mandam,

    Anyone can let me know Kasey 6.5 and WSUS 3.0 to be work together??

    I try to use WSUS to download all patch source and then use Patch Management of Kaseya to deploy patch source to deploy All PC.

    I  find that  file structure of  Patch Managment cannot share patch source for WSUS.

    I want to know Kaseya cannot work with WSUS together and  only put Kaseya on the internet and download all patch on Kaseya.

    After then use file structure for share patch source and deploy all patch by schedule.

    Thank you for provide any advise.


  • It is not possible to use WSUS and Kaseya Patch management on the same computer. They use the same client for patching: Windows Update Agent. I suggest you use Kaseya only as you can control where to download patches via policy, and also when to scan and update.

  • If you want to setup a patch source locally, there are several options in Kaseya. One of the options is by using 'lancache'.

    when u use this option, you don't need to setup WSUS for the source files.

  • turn off WSUS and use the Patch Management tool in the VSA to act as a WSUS. It'll work better for you then WSUS.

    Check out the youtube vids, they may help you:


  • thanks for the link to our training!     You can access the full training from our ClubMSP site (clubmsp.com/.../kaseya-patch-management-full-course).   The Patch management course does not require membership or even registration.

  • I also recommend using LanCache with Patch Management. Its been a no-brainer for us.


    No problem, nicely done!