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Event Log Alert - Strip out FQDN info from the email.?

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I have a perfect script Powershell script that monitors for an XML to show up, then strips out ever FQDN and IP address from the file and it creates a log event in the Event Log on each agent.

In my script I strip out all domain info.. Ip addresses, FQDN info from the XML file I am "Copying" into an event log.  Then when Kaseya detects the event in the log, it reports on it.  The problem is, when Kaseya reports what the Event Viewer tells it.tells the domain name information (Computer: TABC006.ngd.com (from the operating system, not the xml).

Can Kaseya strip out those details prior to shooting off the event email?




-----Original Message-----

From: me@you.com

Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2015 2:36 PM

To: TQC Engineers

Subject: [tabct006.recr-ser.1 Application log generated Informational Event 5000


Application log generated Informational Event 5000 on tqcvt006

For more information see http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=5000&source=Alert


Log: Application

Type: Informational

Event: 5000

Alert Time: 2015-04-23 14:35:49Z

Event Time: 06:35:14 PM 23-Apr-2015 UTC

Source: Major Alert

Category: (1)

Username: N/A

Computer: TABC006.abc.com <------------------------ this is the problem



Alarm Name : LossOfFrame

Instance : Board0_Framer3

Component : AiLogixAlarm

Server Location Details

    Location : TABC006  <--- the script removes it here :)

    Location : 4056

    Location : 3

    Location : 26


Time Occured : 2015-04-23T12:52:00.473Z

Priority Level : 3

Severity : Major

Perf Alarm : No

scrubbing info
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  • You can't srip out the computer name in the message. As I found out, you go to:

    Event Log Alerts>Set Alert Actions> FORMAT EMAIL button.  you can change the comptyuer name <cn> to the ID <id> instead..  :)

  • Someone smarter than me (most of the folk here) can probably tell you if Kaseya can format the email as you wish but, if not, another option would be to have Kaseya run a script, when the event is detected, that says whatever you want it to say.