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  • How has everyone's support experience been?  I haven't had to create a support ticket in a couple years, and when I did, it took a long time and wasn't a good experience.  I wasn't able to find any SLA information for support, but I've had a ticket open for almost 2 weeks now and it's in the engineering black hole.  I have to chase the support team asking for updates and they don't have any.  I'm wondering if this is the typical experience for everyone else?  My issue has a work around allowing me to continue working, so it's not a server outage issue, but I fear the same experience if I was to have one though.

  • This is fairly typical.  Contact your rep and see if they can help get some heat put on your ticket.  That's about all that will get them moving sometimes.

  • For non critical issues thats about average for what I see. We tend to have tickets thrown into engineering for the next major release.

    For critical issues or server down issues we have always had fairly prompt service with call times in the 15min-1hour range. As in we put the ticket into the support portal and received a call within that time frame.

  • Communication out of Kaseya is getting worse, I have even called my rep and had to wait days to get a response. Currently on a two day wait from my "rep" about an issue. Even when buying new licenses it took almost a week to get a reply. That was a $10k sale that I had to beg for.

  • Let me look into this.

  • Disappointing that not much has changed since the acquisition.  It was part of the reason we moved nearly all (over 12K endpoints) of our business elsewhere and only kept our server around for redundancy and emergency purposes.  We've considered migrating back, but it looks like not much has changed in two years making it a tough decision.  Time will tell I suppose.

  • I have two tickets currently open that have been open for four months. 1 is a ticket letting them know that one of their help documents has incorrect data, so no biggie there, that was an informational thing trying to help out their documentation.

    The other ticket though has been open since i updated to 7.0. The last communication I received from them was: This is a known issue and we will contact you with an update when we have one. Well, they haven't had an actual update since July. I inquired in September if there was anything and they said no and we will message you. What is my issue? Alerts sent from my VSA via email are being sent with low priority. For my staff, they all know any alert being generated should require attention, but for the ones that get sent to clients it makes us look like we are saying: "Oh, your production mail server is down? That's a low priority."

    That being said, I have had a pretty good experience with certain techs on the support side of things there. They have been pretty responsive. The last set of tickets I have opened with them have largely been held up by me being unresponsive to them because of myself being busy. I understand that everyone has a full plate and things are busy for everyone.

    My final thought on support that I have said to them for years: Call your customers when a ticket comes in. A personal touch, even if it is just to set expectations, goes a long way. It can also save a lot of time. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten a support update in the last few years where they ask for information or tell me next steps, which I reply to immediately, then wait hours or days for a reply back. A conversation that could last 10 minutes can eliminate hours of email exchanges. 

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  • Wise words from

    Personally I've found support to be very good over the last couple of months, I know this is probably in part due to my moaning and in part to Kaseya's work smoothing out the backend of the application to reduce the overall number of support calls giving the support guys more time on calls.  

    Pretty sure I'm like anyone else here that I would rather log my calls via email or web interface but if I have a huge problem I log the call via the online portal then pick up the phone and see who I get to assist.  This has never failed me, and this usually occurs for me at weekends or after hours so I end up speaking to the support guys over the pond.

    Is there room for improvement? Heck yes.  I dread the message saying it's been sent to the dev team or similar as I know I'm not going to hear much back for weeks but I'll keep reminding them I'm here.

  • Thanks, Alistair. It's nice to hear from someone for whom support is working.

  • Support has gotten a lot better in the past few years but there are definitely ways that this can be improved. My thoughts on the process for improvements are as follows:

    1. Tier 1 support can call to gather any missing information that is missing. Thus saving multiple emails and potential hours lost in time to resolution. Also set some expectations at the same time. Putting a voice to Kaseya's support could help a lot.

    2. Having a more robust Knowledge base in the zendesk software will go a long way. Common problems can easily be documented and posted. There is plenty of information on the knowledge base already, more would be great. On a similar note, if a support tech has to direct me to a community post where an end user is supplying me an answer, at some point they should add that community solution to a formal knowledgebase article or produce a fix for the issue.

    3. Provide SLAs or send updates from the ticket as people are working on the issue. Knowing that my ticket will be worked on in 2-4 hours will save my day/night. If I submit a ticket at 2pm, I shouldn't have to be glued to my laptop/phone waiting for a single email from support until 2am to fix an issue. If I know that I won't get a response for up to 12 hours, I will plan my day/night accordingly.

    4. I get reminders in my inbox if I haven't responded to a ticket in X days from Kaseya, surely the engineers and technicians can be reminded to update the client on a weekly basis. Even if it is something as simple as "Development is currently working on this issue. The latest update on this issue is <update>"