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Kaseya/Connect Wise integration

  • Hi,

    I am hoping someone here can shed some light on how Kaseya creates tickets.

    Some background information first. We are using CW ver 2014.3 and KA ver For sometime now KA and CW have not been working correctly; that is CW does not pull any tickets from KA.

    From what I can tell CW is setup correctly and is looking @ the URL https://kaseya.mycompany.com/vsaWS/kaseyaWS.asmx for tickets. My concern is that KA is not setup correctly but, I do not know KA well enough to know where to look.

    My question to you the community is as follows, how does KA generate Tickets and how does it get them to a point where CW can hit that URL and pull a ticket out? Say my server has a LOB app on it that generates a txt based log file. Say that log file gobbles up all the free drive space on C:\. What do I need to setup or verify that its setup in KA, so that the Agent on that server is able to take that event and create a ticket and put that ticket in place for CW to find and import?



  • The only method Kaseya has to proactively send an outbound notification to another system about a ticket is an e-mail. If e-mail isn't used for notification, any third party system is polling the standard Kaseya ticketing API on regular intervals to get ticket information or polling it's own custom API extension that may be added to the Kaseya server.

    You definitely need to contact Connectwise support about this one.

    If you need anything from us please let me know, I'm happy to look into any possible third party integration issues.

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  • Connectwise has been contacted. From their perspective everything is set up correctly. CW is looking at the URL above for tickets but, no tickets look to be there. That is why I am curious as to how tickets are created in KA.

    A few months back I found a doc outlining how to set up a service desk in KA, for CW intergration. My concern is that no tickets are getting to that service desk. Thus my questions about how issues are detected by the agents and how those translate through KA to become tickets.
  • Also, I have contacted KA support. They pointed me at the doc mentioned above. That then turned into a "talk to CW" issue. Cw then helped me troubleshoot the integration, there were a couple of glitches that were found. I reengaged KA support, they said the intergration, as far as the support it is OK. I got busy and this all sat on the back burner till now.

    KA supports seems more willing to fix than explain so I would like a little knowledge before I go back to them.
  • Thanks for the additional detail.

    The problems at hand have little to do with integration and are more of a lack of understanding of Kaseya fundamentals. Engaging support people on either side of the fence is probably just leading to more confusion.

    Kaseya creates tickets in either Service Desk or the Ticketing module, and not both. This forum probably isn't the place to educate you on the various ways tickets can be created within Kaseya in either Service Desk or Ticketing, how Service Desk is activated, how users can submit tickets from their desktops, etc.

    Checking our online learning system is probably a good place to get started: https://lms.kaseya.com/kedu/

    To my knowledge, Connectwise only makes calls to our Ticketing module APIs. If you want to use Service Desk, you'll need to look into the third party Devio "PSA Integration" module.

  • Excellent Ben. Thanks. We do not use KA for user generated tickets, it is strictly for Monitoring, Reporting and Remote Control. Knowing that I need to dig into the Ticketing module helps.

  • So after tinkering a bit I have found out that Tickets I create in the KA ticketing module get pulled into CW. That is one piece of the puzzle in place! Now onto how I get KA itself to transform its alerts into tickets. Right now it looks like they are going to the Service Desk. Any idea where I can change that?

  • Service Desk -> Global Settings -> Activation -> Edit -> Uncheck 'Activate Service Desk'.

  • Thanks for your reply's Ben.

    Tickets, generated by alerts are still being send to the Service Desk module and not the ticketing module. This is something I can take up with KA support.

  • Ben, I've been trying to find info about migrating tickets from Kaseya to ConnectWise; can this be done from Ticketing, or do the tickets have to be moved from Ticketing to Service Desk first (as one of our techs keeps insisting)? Any assistance pointing me to documentation on this would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • Can you please provide assistance with locating documentation on migrating tickets from the ticketing module to ConnectWise? Pretty please? :)