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Kaseya 7.0 and Tigerpaw integration (does it still work after updating)

  • Kaseya 7.0 and Tigerpaw integration (does it still work after updating).

    Can anyone confirm they have updated to the latest kaseya version and the integration with Tigperpaw PSA is still operational?

  • : there is a thread about latest status on the third party integration compatibility in 7.0 release.

    This is updated on regular basis.


    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Varun,

    we are using the 2 plugins Symantec Backup Exec and Endpoint.

    Are you aware of any plans them folowing and upgrading for 7.0 ? or any timeframe ?


  • RDK, your first inquiry into compatibility should be with Symantec -- they are the owner and author of the module.

    They are definitely working on 7.0 compatibility.

  • I am looking for an answer from a kaseya user who has successfully upgraded to kaseya 7.0 and could share his/her experience with the integration.

    The link you've provided, Varun, is of little help - Tigerpaw API Contact Support Tigerpaw Homepage

    That does not indicate that it works, nor that it doesn't work. If you can elaborate off that webpage you've sent me to and answer the question in a more direct manner (aside from telling me to contact another vendor) that'll be helpful. Otherwise I'll wait to hear from a kaseya user who'm has already updated and has it working (or can share his/her experience about what wasn't working).

  • The page we have up indicates that it works and you need to contact Tigerpaw to inform them of your V7 upgrade plans and obtain subsequent instruction on what you need to do to make sure your integration still works.

    The links are color-coded to indicate compatibility status. A description of those color codes has just been added to the page as I see we didn't have actual descriptions up before.

    Considering the integration you're referring to is created and supported by Tigerpaw -- they are the ultimate authority in determining whether or not their integration is compatible with Kaseya v7.

    Since they purely use our APIs, they only had to update their authentication scheme to support SHA256, and should be ready to get you the necessary updates for your integration as I worked with them myself just this past week as they tested V7 support.

  • Ben - that response was very helpful.

    Basically someone needs to contact tigerpaw and have them update the connector (no fix or update is currently available). Thanks for the update. I'll reach out to some contacts I have at TP and see what we can get going.


  • Actually it appears the information you are providing is outdated. http://my.tigerpawsoftware.com/downloads/downloads_selected.asp?v=14&id=111


  • We contacted Tigerpaw directly and escalated through a sales representative, we will be implementing the fix this evening - will keep you posted, grantb.

  • The download does install the integrator but that only pulls your AGENTS into the billing function, it has nothing to due with Kaseya Integrating with Tickets.

    In that regards the download from Tigerpaw is MISSING the MSP EMAIL PROCESSOR. The email processor is responsible for monitoring an inbox that you choose to send ticket notifiactions from kaseya to. Once an email is sent from Kaseya the MSP email processor from Tigerpaw monitors the email box and then creates tickets from that email. Due to changes Tigerpaw has made in the R14 version the MSP email processor doesn't work by default. It required running a SQL query script on the Tigerpaw SQL DB in order to get the MSP email processsor working properly again.

    Tigerpaw notes-

    - Need the MSP email processor that isn't included in the download of the kaseya integrator or on the downloads page at all (should be fixed soon, they say)

    -Even after installing the MSP email processor a SQL script had to be run in order to allow tickets to be created in the Tigerpaw software again

    After that all is well again as far as the kaseya to tigerpaw ticketing integration.

  • Ben

    ...your first inquiry into compatibility should be with Symantec -- they are the owner and author of the module.
    They are definitely working on 7.0 compatibility.

    Names, man!  I need names!  (Trying to get an answer from their Support would be an exercise in futility, as in "What's a Kaseya?")  Stick out tongue

  • Brian I have contact Symantec about both SEPM and Backup Exec Modules, they state an update is being worked on which will function for version 7. There is no time frame at this stage. I hope they will post something soon. You should use your Symantec Portal at https://my.symantec.com. I am not a Symantec employee but I hope this helps.

    I question involvement of Kaseya and its third parties. Why was this not done during the v7 testing and development. It still seems that the release of a new version is a BETA release and if you are an early adopter be prepared.

  • Adrian,

    I don't understand your question - why was what not done during V7 development?

  • Ben I am guessing that you are a Kaseya Employee as this forum is terrible for letting people know who is a Kaseya employee and who is not.

    The question was why has no work been done on the addins prior to release of version 7. The other questions I asked in a separate thread was what is Kaseyas stance on add on modules now that you have new management. From your other posts I feel that you are saying don't ask us ask the supplier.

  • So, I can confirm that the SEPM 2.5 module has issues with VSA 7.

    The issue is that there is an unsigned system procedure that won't run - "SEP Status".  Even the master administrator cannot approve this procedure as it is hidden.

    As far as I can tel, the rest of the SEP module basically works; you just can't collect any valid data without this procedure running on the endpoint.

    Symantec need to fix this, presumably by working the Kaseya to see this procedure 'approved'.

    I am learning from this, that any third party add-on that installs 'hidden' procedures will probably have the same issue.