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Upgrading to new servers while upgrading to 7.0

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Hi guys,

We've been running Kaseya 6.3 to 6.5 on a 2008 R2 with SQL express. We now have about 650 agents and it's time to move to a dedicated SQL database.

I've installed two 2012 R2 servers and am installing SQL server 2014 on of the them.

My idea is to install 7.0 to test new features before migrating data and agents to new server.

Is it complicated to migrate data from a 6.5 server to 7.0 ?

Thanks very much for your input.



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  • Hey Thomas,

    I would check in directly with Kaseya support before expending too much effort (by creating a ticket.) I think it's likely they will tell you that a move needs to be done with equal versions of Kaseya on both sides (old and new,) you might break something significant by taking your 6.5 data and moving it in to a 7.0 environment without any preparation. 

    You have probably already seen the documentation on moving Kaseya to a new server ...

    We run a small virtual machine with a handful of test agents on it to explore new releases - before going back to our production server and running the upgrade in place there. My guess is that support will say:

    • Install a separate 2012 server for checking out Kaseya 7.0 for a while.
    • Install 6.5 on your destination 2012 servers, then move your environment from your old servers using the above referenced documentation.
    • Make sure 6.5 is running well on 2012 and everything is as it should be... 
    • Upgrade the 2012 servers from 6.5 to 7.0.

    That's probably the safest bet, but again, I wouldn't do anything without checking with Kaseya support first.



    Another thought: Alternatively, you might be able to install your new servers with 7.0 - test it out with some agents - remove that database - update your old servers to 7.0, then move everything over to the new servers... I'm speculating here, though.

    Another thought
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  • Hi Kerry,

    I've raised a low priority ticket to get their feedback.

    I think I'll try 7.0 on the new server and when ready will upgrade the production 6.5 then migrate the data.

    We will see what support recommends.



  • If i were you i would perform the upgrade as is. Once that is complete and working solid then you can do the move. The move is super easy and took me about 30 minutes for 1k endpoints.

    this will help help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp