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K6.5 upgrade hung since last night

  • Any chance there's someone from Kaseya watching the forums over the weekend?

    I've had ticket# 18333 open since last night at 9pm Eastern with zero response.

    I had assumed the combination of "upgrade hung" and my KCA would have at least gotten a "that's too bad" response.


  • Hello Mike,

    Apologies for the delay in replying to your post. Your ticket #18833 was worked over the weekend by Fernando, one of our most senior techs. As far as I can tell from your last couple of notes, it looks like the upgrade completed fine.

    I will be monitoring the ticket myself anyway, so please update it if you run into any issues post-upgrade

  • Yes, the upgrade has completed.

    I posted this in frustration after not getting a response for 12+ hours from the support team.

    The forums were a last hope.  Unfortunately, my post had to be approved by a moderator so this method didn't help get any action either.


  • I should add that once Fernando was on the case, the resolution was simple.

    He did a great job providing detail to get me back on track.