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Bugs in VSA 6.5

  • So, having tried out VSA 6.5 for a few hours, i have found some issues.

    Generally, the UI is faster and smoother (great!), but there are some issues, so we go with the buglist so far.

    1. Can't send CTRL-"ALT-DEL to a win7 or 2008R2 box using VNC in a KLC session.

    2. Can't close multiple open alarms in Alarm Summary. SQL error. Confirmed as reproduceable by support.

    3. KES - tiny 100px high grid bug still present (Was in 6.3)

    4. Chrome - thumbnail, scrollbars/refresh bugs still present (Was in 6.3)

    5. Cannot delete a service desk - error message pops up "An object name must be provided in order for me to locate the proper meta object."

    All flaws submitted as tickets...will advise as I hear of fixes.

  • 6. In Chrome only, KLC Agent Data -> Agent logs. Selecting a log results in no response - the log display area of the screen remains blank. Appears to be another chrome related screen refresh bug as works OK in IE11.

  • Craig, a comment on problem 1.

    It seems to be Java related, but can't get my finger on the issue.

    The Ctrl-Alt-Del BUTTON on the VNC screen in Live connect does not work for me anywhere.

    If you have click the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del TEXT  line just above then VNC screen that one works.

    For some reason depending on the OS and the browser you will or will not see that text line.

    In Internet Explorer 11 I always get the line provided Java works fine off-course.

    Any hints from somebody why would help tremendously.

  • You can create a view to see all Server 2012 R2 machines using the "OS Type" - All Windows Operating systems OR All Servers and the 'Advanced agent data filter' OS Version *9600*.  You cannot create a view for Windows 8.1 using All Workstations or All windows operating systems, Windows 8.1 does not appear under all windows operating systems.  Also the field 'OS Version Filter' in the main view definitions window appears to be malfunctioning, as selecting this and leaving it as a (default value) wildcard never returns any results.

  • Has anyone raised any of the above as tickets? I'm about to do so re: the Ctrl-Alt-Del bug but don't want to raise dupes.

    Ironically, I'd just had a call from our (excellent) account manager Rachel before I went to lunch, and told her that other than a little "chugging" as agents were updated all at once things had gone well with the upgrade, but then came back to engineers about to revolt! I guess I spoke a little too soon!

    EDIT: Ignore the question, I see Craig said he'd raised them in his original post. I am simply blind! :)

    Invalidated my own question due to failure to read!
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  • OK so bugs 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 all confirmed by K support. #5 was an issue for my system only and not a 6.5 bug.

    Bugs 3, 4 and 6 all slated for fixing in the May release!! Bugs 1 and 2 seem to be receiving a higher priority currently.

    Frankly, the KES module bug with all the 100px high grids has annoyed me long enough. A search and replace of "100px" with "100%" in all the .aspx files in C:\Kaseya\WebPages\AntivirusTab took less than one minute to fix this crippling UI design flaw. Kaseya, you could do better here.

  • I'd say Bug 1 is also a shocker in terms of failing at "Trust" given the number and frequency of posts here detailing that very bug in prior releases! Can't believe it's not high on the test priority. Very disappointed.

  • Even if you see someone else has raised a ticket, I would recommend you still create a support ticket.

  • Thanks Ben, done. #2419.

  • Hi Greig

    Yes, this is a confirmed issue and is being investigated by Engineering. We'll update you via the ticket

    I'll also post back here as soon as I have news

    Thank you all for your patience and understanding


  • Hi Graig,

    What do we need to understand when you mention :

    OK so bugs 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 all confirmed by K support.

    are they going to be fixed !!

    we would like to go over to 6.5, hopely, in the coming weeks ( request was done ?)


  • You should view the roadmap schedule for scheduled patch releases to have a general consensus as to when these issues will likely be addressed.

  • why should I view the roadmap for a version ( bug free or not ) that is not yet even there !!

  • Winter release is / was to be supposed = buf fixing - I expect not inplementing other bugs  because that means you never get a stable version !!!!!!!

  • Roadmap locations are here:



    (Patches to be released every two weeks).

    I am not arguing the fact that 6.5 has bugs, as of now there were more bug fixes addressed from 6.3 version release than bugs currently found with the 6.5.  It is progress in the right direction.

    Show me a software that never has bugs and I will crown it 'the holy grail'.