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Is it time to just give up on Kaseya and move elsewhere?

  • David,

    Which alternative are you moving to?

  • As we use Connectwise the only choice that we looked at is Labtech. We are going to try and get the sales guys to sweeten the deal by throwing in some setup and service so we have not actually implemented it yet but I have been trialing it heavily and although I have seen a couple of tiny interface bugs it looks to be a better option in pretty much every way.

    At the moment about the only 'pro' that I can see for Kaseya is its ability to do extremely complex scripting, WMI etc.

    As we don't normally do anything like this it is not a selling point for us. (The Labtech scripting seems to cover 99% of scenarios and is much more intuitive, especially if you have ever used BASIC or batch files for that matter)

    The fact that we do not feel that we can trust Kaseya to perform it's core functions means that we pretty much have to move on to well, anything else.

    On top of this, paying maintenance on a product that is not getting maintained leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. (We have actually asked for a refund on our maintenance previously and as per usual the account manager pointed the finger at their integration partners like Acronis and Kapersky) (As if we care about who's fault it is that they are unable to deliver)

    Labtech do a 7 day trial on their website, I suggest checking it out and investing a decent amount of time into figuring out how it works and what the differences are. My first impression of Labtech was not great as the interface exposes a lot of complexity and frankly looked like an accounting package but as I worked my way through the different aspects it became a lot more clear how it all ties together and works. (The embedded videos throughout the program are helpful as well, if not a bit outdated)

    My favorite features so far would have to be the ability to silently uninstall a program by just double-clicking the agent and right clicking the program, possibly tied with the decent registry editor and an integrated start-up manager.

    Out of the box it has been raising tickets when I have not completed the setup for a group/client (credentials etc) so things don't tend to get missed which I love.

    As we have not actually paid for it or licenced any of the addons yet I cannot test the Shadowprotect and Eset/Vipre integrations, but if it is anywhere near as slick as the rest of it, I can't see it being bad.

    All in all, if I look back about 3 years ago when we first trialed Labtech I recall it not being a great product. As it stands at the moment I am genuinely looking forward to moving over to it and a little bit excited about the possibilities it may enable.

  • I recognize all of these frustrations and some of them may be valid however, one thing to keep in mind is that Kaseya is in the middle of a complete transition from one regime to another.  

    If any of us would be a part of a transition in our respective companies, I assume we would like to acquire the proper information and gather as much data to plan accordingly to be successful in the future.  I believe current Kaseya management is doing the needful to create a powerful and successful product for the future.

    The above statements is not to fully defend Kaseya, there is NO EXCUSE for the lack of communication between client and account representatives or management figures.  Kaseya is aware most of us are very invested in the success of the platform and at the very minimum the current resources within the company should make it a priority to be in communication with respective clients.

    As for those of you who wish to leave and are discontent, I understand the sentiment as previous administration has made many mistakes to question trust.  However, it would be foolish to leave Kaseya without giving the new administration a chance with the next couple of releases to prove itself.

  • We are almost at the 4,000 installed agent mark (own 5,000 total), and I honestly couldn't tell you who my account rep is right now. To figure it out, I'd have to search my inbox to find out who most recently replied to a request of mine, send them an email to see if they are still my rep, and if not, who the current one is. It seems to change each time I need something, and I can say that I'm 99% sure they've never proactively reached out to me to see how things are going.

    I'd like to switch to LabTech, however the cost of retraining all of my techs has kept me with Kaseya. I'm excited about the possibilities the new management team brings to the table, assuming they follow through on everything that was discussed in the webinar I sat through, but I'm used to being disappointed by Kaseya so we'll see. My current plan is to see how the Winter release goes. If it bombs, or is released significantly later than what is currently published, I'll be bumping up a full eval of LabTech to the top of my priority list. If it's a solid release, then I'll give them until the May release to see how Remote Control works, as that's been a major pain point for us over the years. If there isn't a great improvement in that area, we will probably switch.

    Just in case anyone from Kaseya management is reading this, the biggest pain point for us, other than just core functionality not working consistently, is the lack of support for newer Operating Systems, as stated by a few other people in this thread. It's really hard for me to defend my choice to stay with Kaseya to our sales and account management teams when there are basic things like the anti-virus software that's provided doesn't support OSes that have been out for 12+ months. A few months I could see, 6 is beyond reasonable, and where we're currently at with Windows 8/Server 2012 and KAV is ridiculous. Again, I'll give the new management team time to fix this, as I'm sure it's a huge undertaking, but the clock is definitely ticking on our time as a Kaseya customer if they don't address these areas, and soon.

  • @Kcears - Thanks for sharing.  Based on what you shared in terms of the Winter release, I expect you'll be pleased with what be included in that release on Jan 31 and with what is planned for the Spring release.  Our goal is to earn your trust back.  Thanks for your business and understanding.

  • Brendan, Someone should have Kaseya sales reps reach out to their clients just so we know who they are!!  I need to purchase additional licenses and the last three sales reps names I have are gone!



  • Hi Leon,

    We are in the process, this week actually, of working through the situation you've described.  You should hear from someone shortly.

  • Right now, the only thing keeping us on Kaseya is our available time to migrate away.  We went live with ConnectWise last year and this year we decide if we go to LabTech or not.  We are heavily leaning towards it right now starting in Q2.

    This next round of updates better be near perfect and really blow our metaphorical skirts up.  We've been patient for a really long time on a better BUDR module, AV we can trust, remote control that is reliable, and etc.  We're done with platitudes and missed deadlines.  It has to work and be delivered as promised going forward.

  • In regards to communication Kaseya seem able to communicate to us about new purchases and new things we can buy but when it comes to telling about the work to fix the product or what's the new management team are doing there is almost silence.

    Keep communicating with your current Kaseya users to keep us in the loop. The ship has listed and a number of people are abandoning Kaseya.  We are now paying our Maintenance monthly so if we decide to jump ship we can at the least cost to us.

  • It does rub us a little wrong when it seems every few months Kaseya buys up another network monitoring company, yet the glaring flaws in the core product we are paying for now don't get addressed.  Hopefully that is changing.

  • Believe me, I understand your frustration, but to be clear we bought Intellipool (now called KNM) almost 3 years ago, and Traverse just this summer, outside of those 2 monitoring acquisitions, we've purchased 365 Command, which if you haven't looked at it, is an awesome product to help IT teams everywhere manage the tides of networks/enterprises/businesses moving to cloud apps (in this case Office 365).  

    The Winter release coming at the end of next week is entirely focused on the "flaws" and bugs in the core products, including adding Win8 and Server 2012 support (finally).  :)

    I love that our community is so passionate, it has made a big difference and continues to make a difference inside Kaseya.  Thank you all for your feedback, even when it stings a little.  :)

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  • I hope you meant Win8.1 and Server 2012 R2 :)

  • ^^ Keep dreaming Neal. 1 step at a time, thats how kaseya works.

    But all seriousness i have been on KAV 10 since august. It does support 8.1 and 2012 R2 but it sucks. Who knows how buggy mine is right now because i just keep getting work arounds from kaseya.

    anyways i am right there with everyone. They have this release to prove me wrong or else i'm out.

  • I must admit that we have around 12000 agents currently and have had our problems with Kaseya, but all in all things look like it is changing for the better. Our Kaseya reps are awesome and are always there if we need them.

    I just had a look at the 6.5 release notes and it looks like a lot of bugs are being addressed. Lets wait and see.

    Keep faith...

  • Brendan,

    There have been other purchases such as an online accounting package that my former rep bragged about for months and now I do not even see mentioned.  I do not even know why K would buy this considering the service billing module is horrible and when I look on the community, no one seems to use (judging buy the complete lack of discussion).  That is just an example, but there were more.