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lots of lua.exe and logman.exe

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Can someone explain why there are lots of lua.exe and logman.exe running on my server?

Normal behaviour is 3 instances by proces but in this case i see 40+

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  • I Have the same problem here, and my server is overloaded by this sh**....

    I have 100% CPU peek when TypePerf.exe + logman.exe are running....

    Please guys resolve this problem, my productive terminal server is freezing every 30 minuts.

  • Created ticket: CS183692

  • You will have an instance for each monitor set applied.  If you remove the monitor sets do those instances of LUA and logman go away?

  • Hello Sander

    Did you get any resolution from Kasaya on this ticket?

  • In April 2013, I opened ticket CS157567 to address problems with LUA.EXE.  I was given a beta version of KLUA.DLL to replace the one on endpoints that seemed to resolve the problem.  I am not sure if that was implemented in production or not, but it seems to help when I see that problem.  If you reference this ticket, maybe someone in Kaseya support can provide the same file for you.