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many Lua.exe processes running

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We have Kaseya Agents running at about 150 servers of our customers.

Recently two Windows 2008 R2 X64 servers have a problem that the LUA.EXE process is running many times.

We have to restart the Kaseya services on the server so the processes are stopped. But within a few days the LUA.exe again runs about 50 times.

I have stopped the running custom procedures on the two servers, but that does not help.

If we don't restart the services they take down the complete server in a week. 

How can we figure out how we can fix this?



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  • I've seen this too. I opened a ticket with kaseya support twice but it went no where because they couldnt reproduce this issue.

    If you have any luck let me know.

  • Hi,

    This is other issue on our side but related to Lua too. We have a lot of machines who disconnected and goes offline with no apparent reasons... We have seen that there's missing file in the Agent folder in Program Files. We have opened on ticket on 14 august and we have learned that's the Hotfixes are in maintenance mode for a while... Some other have learned that's the hot fixes aren't applying anymore ?


  • I suspect that this is due to the windows performance counters. When you ask a kaseya agent to monitor a particular counter in windows - %CPU Time for example, LUA.exe is called to create that performance counter and start reporting the values created up to the kaseya server.

    Use process explorer (live.sysinternals.com/procexp.exe), to look at the lua process - you right click the process and see the command line that is running. This will help understand what those lua.exe processes are actually doing.

  • Let me know the ticket number - i shall get someone to look at this. We should have no problem identifying what lua is trying to do. From there, we can find out why it is behaving that way.


  • At the moment, only P0 (security and data corruption - high priority) hotfixes are being released. There will be a release of fixes in the winter (January time).

    The last hotfix appears to have been on the 30th sept. The current situation will not stop hotfixes being applied, it simply means that they are not being released as frequently as before.