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Re-organise audit custom fields

  • Does anyone know how to re-arrange the custom fields in the audit module?

    We have built up quite a few, and over time the ordering doesn't make sense so it needs to change.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi,

    If you look at the [ksubscribers].[dbo].[auditRsltManualFields] table in SQL and you will see a column called sequence which starts at 0 and increments by 1 for each new Custom Field you add.  This controls the UI display ordering in the various Audit module functions, plays into how Custom Fields are ordered in the Audit\Machine Summary report part in Info Center where they show up as "Custom Field 00", "Custom Field 01", etc.., and in the way Custom Fields are ordered in the Agent->Agent Status function.  Further the sequence is used in building the underlying SQL used when you define Views that play off of Custom Fields using the Advanced Agent Data filter.  When the sequence is changed the Views that use these Custom Fields will be "broken".  So while this would be a nice feature, it is not a capability we have built into the product today, but in theory you may be able to fix all this via a bunch of fancy SQL.  If you would like this capability added to the product, please submit a support ticket indicating the type of functionality you would like to see.


    Matt Warburton

    Kaseya Professional Services