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Cant create ticket on kaseya customer portal

  • I have tried to make a ticket multiple times with multiple browsers and cant get the ticket to save and close. I notice that there is no organization attached to my user account that I can select from the organization dropdown menu. However, since I am just a limited user to submit their own tickets, I can't create or attach my user to an organization. I thought I could get by this by just typing in my organization but apparently that wont get me by (although it does get rid of that red underlining). Everything else works as it should but when I go to save the ticket and close, it acts like it saves but never closes out the ticket. I then try to exit the ticket manually and it tells me I will lose all my settings unless I save the ticket. Anyone on the forums that can help me or have an actual phone number for me to call? Everything support seems to be ticket based and does me absolutely no good if I cant put a ticket in.

  • Brian,

    Our Account Management can assist you with that.  Phone numbers are listed on the Kaseya.com homepage (upper left corner) and also under the Contact page linked from Kaseya.com, depending on whether you're based within or outside the US.

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