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Kaseya Connect 2013 was Great !!

  • Kaseya Connect 2013 was great this week!!! I would like to thank the Kaseya executives, management, event staff, speakers and presenters, lab demonstrators and my fellow members of the Kaseya user community.

    The key notes speakers were great – from Gerald, to Mark to Sugar Ray. The demos of the product enhancements were exciting.  The conversations with fellow attendees during breaks and off-hours was very educational. The food was terrific (I know I gained a few pounds!). And the Journey cover band on Tuesday night brought back some awesome memories of high school and college :-)

    Thank you again to everyone who helped make this event possible. This was my 6th Kaseya conference, and it was another great experience. I am already looking forward to Kaseya Connect 2014.

    Warm Regards,



  • The only problem with the Kaseya Conference this year is all the work that I created after being informed and reenergized.    I feel more than ever that Kasey is back on track and is committed to improvements not just marketing.  All the Kaseya staff I spoke to were positive, sincerely helpful and honest.  My only complaint would be that I did not leave with the new version of remote access.  It is looking great though.

  • I'm still here.  Vegas Baby Vegas!

  • Hear hear. Well done Kaseyans.  And yeah, boy do I want that new Live Connect app!

  • Lloyd I couldn't agree more with you. It was my first conference but I must have picked the best one to attend. The Kaseya staff was great and I enjoyed getting to put faces with some of the names I've gotten to know by reading the forums. I look forward to getting my hands on that Live Connect App also! It was sweet.


  • Glad you guys enjoyed the conference!  Thanks for joining us!

  • How about any information from the conference for the people that didnt attend? I am a very heavy Kaseya user and was unfortunately unable to make it this year.

    Besides the ustream there hasnt been any other information about the conference.

    is there a blog anywhere? forum posts...anything?

  • Hi Josh,

    We are working right now to compile the slide decks and videos of all the conference sessions.  We will notify everyone when they are ready for viewing.

  • Brendan,

    I did attend the conference, and was told that the slides from the sessions would be available.. I took some notes but access to the slides, at least, would be VERY helpful to me.. Soon  ;)


  • Agreed, and hopefully the footage from the demos during the presentations will have digital capture rather than the very dark projected display currently being streamed.

  • What new Live Connect App?

  • @PHOPJPC - As Patrick mentioned Live Connect is being decoupled from the browser.  You can see the details by going to www.ustream.tv/.../32130813 and skipping to 1:25 (1 hour, 25 minutes) into the session.  Chad discusses the current infrastructure and what's happening with the next version.

  • I would like to echo the feelings of the others on this thread.  This was my first year attending Kaseya Connect and I am very glad I did.  Everyone from Kaseya was great and I can't thank each of you enough for all that I learned.

    Thanks again!

  • agreed! great event! can't figure out how to bend that coin tho...