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Hiding New System Views in 6.3?

  • After upgrading to 6.3, we now see a large number of new Views (all start with 'zz[SYS]'). How do I disable these, without having to delete each one individually? I am unable to "unshare" them - the options are grayed out.


  • Hi @matts, you can't hide them, this is why they all start with an alphabetically high value: "zz", this will place them at the end of your views list, so that all of your personal views will appear in the list before them, and if you have a lot of views, push the content ones into the next page, or at least ensure you don't have to scroll down a long way to get to your own. Its a good idea to keep them there as you can go back and 'save as' on the items to create customer versions of them. Also don't forget Policies are driven by views, so these are extremely useful to help assign your Policies to the right types of machines to automate all of your Kaseya settings.

  • That's fine, I'll just delete them all then. I would rather simply unshare them with particular groups, but Kaseya didn't give us that option (thanks guys). But I have low-tier users who simply check the statuses of machines who are complaining that they are seeing all these confusing new things. If they select one and call a higher-level support because they aren't seeing the machine they are looking for, then it wastes our time.