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6.3 Upgrade/Test Site

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So I requested the upgrade as instructed when my server notified me of the upgrade.  I got a email later in the week that said there was too much demand, and that I could test 6.3 on a preview server, and gave me a code for it.  However, they did not provide me with the web address for it.  Can anyone help with this?

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  • HI @rhollingsead,

    You can sign up for a preview account here: www.kaseya.com/preview

    Sorry to hear you are having to wait, no one wants to be the one in the queue! However the process of throttling demand is working really well and meaning that everyone who is getting 6.3 is able to get a good level of support, so although it's a bit of a pain for those that have to wait, it really is working out better for everyone, so thank you for your patience!