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Master No Restart Option

  • I'm pretty sure such an option doesn't exist in Kaseya at the moment but one thing that has really been griding my gears recently with procedure's or other such things in Kaseya is it agents rebooting in the middle of the day. Not by patching because that's easy to control but by other processes, for example disabling the network access driver or updating AV stuff, things that Kaseya itself wants to reboot the computer for. I've had staff go in and do things and the machine reboot then the user call up complaining.

    I was thinking could something get setup for Master access only or some higher access to enforce that an agent can not ever be restarted via kaseya under any circumstances unless it is allowed too.

    It might seem kind of silly or an extra unnecessary level of control I guess but I'd like to ensure that Kaseya can never restart a computer unless I or a granted user who can be held responsible allows, even though for some things it might need to restart.

    Does anyone else think this would be worthwhile?

  • I wish it weren't necessary, but people can be flat out stupid sometimes... myself included.

    We would have to build in a check for all the reboot system procedures. Like a registry value, INI file, or database record. And that's not going to help us with reboots that don't originate from a system procedure. For example, some other script using the "shutdown -r" command.

    Another problem is how to regulate the fail safe. In theory, it will still be possible for Kaseya Admins to do dumb things even with this check in place. We could end up in the same predicament.